‘So Sharky’: Rob Lowe Stars In Amazingly Cool ‘Shark Week’ Promo

The latest promo for Discovery’s highly anticipated Shark Week has hit the web, and it stars none other than Parks and Recreation actor Rob Lowe.

The 50-year-old Lowe, a West Wing alumni who, unfortunately, has nothing else to do with Shark Week, stands astride a pair of great whites in the clip, sporting a white tank top and red swim trunks. “If you like me and you like sharks, then you will probably like this,” Lowe said, according to E! Online, and as the 30-second clip unfolds in slow motion, the truth of that statement becomes evident.

Lowe doesn’t appear in any Shark Week specials this year, according to Entertainment Weekly, but that doesn’t detract from the wonderfully over-the-top promo. Lowe throws chum in the air as several sharks fly over his head, thanks to some seriously corny special effects. Sharks of various species attack a few of their favorite prey animals: A great white devours a seal to one side of Lowe while another shark plucks an unlucky seagull from the air. In the background, another shark even knocks a windsurfer off of his board.

Shark Week has been on the air since 1987 and is billed by Discovery as the “King of Summer.” While the phrase has even been used as a hashtag to unite coverage of the week-long event, 2014’s Shark Week is already generating more controversy than last year’s programming.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Discovery plans to follow up last year’s much-maligned mockumentary Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives with a sequel, Megalodon: The New Evidence. Discovery was roundly criticized for The Monster Shark Lives, which relied on paid actors posing as scientists and fictional evidence to raise questions about the possible survival of the extinct megalodon shark. As if that weren’t enough, Discovery was also forced to admit last month that a viral video which purported to show a shark in Lake Ontario was, in fact, a fake, propagated by the network as a promo for Shark Week.

With a mermaid by his side, Lowe ends the spot staring into the camera before declaring the event “so sharky.” Even though Rob Lowe won’t be hosting, Shark Week kicks off on August 10th.

[Image via Twitter]