Peyton Manning: Watch His Dorky Dance Skills On The Field [Video]

Peyton Manning probably won’t be asked to join Dancing With The Stars anytime in the near future after he showed his moves off at training camp on Monday.

While even haters can respect Manning for his skills on the football field, Peyton’s dancing may involve more awkward moves than those reminiscent of Carlton’s from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

According to NFL, Peyton got his groove on while “Rocky Top,” the unofficial fight song of Peyton’s Tennessee Vols, played over the speakers during Broncos practice. Watch Peyton flash his skills in the video below:

Amazingly, Wes Welker was pulled onto the impromptu dance floor and showed that his dance moves were no better than Peyton Manning’s.

Indy Star reports that Manning was inspirational enough to get punter Britton Colquitt in on the action, too.

Unfortunately for those who enjoyed seeing Manning break out his ’80s dance moves on the field, Peyton stopped swinging after about 20 seconds and returned to stretching.

After practice, Peyton spent some quality time with his children. Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning decided that hitting the quarterback on the first day of practice did not apply to them, and they spent some time tackling their father. Hopefully, the little Manning siblings only inherited Peyton’s skills on the football field rather than those on the dance floor.

[Image via Associated Press]