Abigail Hernandez Arrest: Nathaniel Kibby In Custody, Faces Felony Kidnapping Charge

Nathaniel Kibby is the man involved in the Abigail Hernandez arrest and he faces one count of felony kidnapping at this point. Kibby, 34, was taken into custody Monday at his New Hampshire home. There is still a lot to be revealed regarding this case, but it certainly seems that investigators are making serious headway.

According to CBS Boston, Hernandez provided details to the police that led to Kibby's arrest. His arraignment is slated to take place in the Conway District Court on Tuesday. It appears that Hernandez had been with Kibby since she disappeared from school on Oct. 9, 2013, but little else has been revealed as of yet regarding how the two came to be together or what happened during that time.

NECN added some additional details regarding the Abigail Hernandez arrest. Police believe that Kibby held Abigail in a storage container behind her trailer against her will. A neighbor, Debbie Demers, said that the shipping container is soundproof, and she noted that Kibby is referred to as "crazy Nate." She said he is a loner and she always told girls to stay away from his trailer. Demers added, "He likes his guns and it was a little shooting range back there."

Kibby lived in a trailer park, and it does seem that he had a bit of a reputation in the area. The son of the man who owns the trailer park, Wally Corrigan Jr., said that Kibby was known to have issues with the government. He said, "I figured he'd be like somebody who would be holding up the town selectmen or something because the taxes went up." While neighbors thought Kibby was odd, it does seem that everybody has been shocked to discover he had Hernandez there.

ABC News notes that the Abigail Hernandez investigation is ongoing, and at this time authorities are not pursuing any other suspects. There is a news conference slated to take place after Kibby's arraignment. Authorities indicate that Hernandez has been talking with investigators daily and "provided the police with details of her kidnapping sufficient to warrant" the arrest. The teen walked into her mother's home last week after having been missing for nine months.

Hernandez is said to be severely malnourished after her time away from home, and she has been unable to eat solid foods. She has released a statement thanking everybody who looked for her, noting that "My gratitude is beyond words." While many are curious to hear more about what transpired in this situation, it is most certainly good news that there has been an Abigail Hernandez case arrest.

[Image via Daily Mail]