Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay Song For New Chipotle Video

Willie Nelson has covered Coldplay’s “The Scientist” for a new Chipotle restaurants commercial that stands beside small farmers and in direct opposition of factory created pork, poultry and steak.

In the video Chipotle shows large scale factors that pump drugs into animals to make them bigger while those same animals remained stacked on top of one another for most of their lives, followed by an assembly line process that looks less than appealing. The company then cuts to farm raised animals living behind farmer created fences with no artificial substances being pumped into their bodies.

Chipotle uses small scale sustainable farms to raise their range bred and drugs free meat products for their fast casual restaurants.

The 2 minute video will play in theaters across the U.S., in the meantime here’s the video:

Morgan Clendaniel writes at Fast Company:

“It may ring a little false that an enormous fast food chain is trying to end factory farming, but Chipotle often puts its money where its mouth is,” while adding, “It buys more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant company in the country. And this summer, the company committed to using more than 10 million pounds of local produce in restaurants.”

I can’t help but love this video, it reminds me of Johnny Cash covering the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt and it delivers a message I fully stand behind.

Leave us your thoughts about the video and the message Chipotle and Willie Nelson are attempting to send to an industry full of products we can hardly call natural meat anymore.