Divorce Ring: Made For The 51% Of The Population That Doesn't Stay Married

When a happy couple decides to wed the male provides the female with an engagement ring, an expensive piece of jewelry that signifies their undying love for their partner, so what happens to that ring after 51% of the population divorces? Typically it ends up on eBay, thrown away or shoved in a drawer somewhere but now there's a new option, the divorce ring.

Created by Spritzer and Furman the $3,200, 18 karat gold ring might be great for people dealing with an ugly divorce when they want to be reminded their glad it's over, however for the heart broken Emily Abbate writes on the Stir blog:

"After a heart-wrenching split, aren't there a lot of other things you would rather spend $3,200 on than a ring to remind you of your newfound singledom?" while she added, "Like, oh, I don't know, a trip to Las Vegas with your girlfriends or a much nicer looking piece of jewelry that doesn't make you think of your ex every time you get a glimpse of your hand?"
Obviously the ring isn't for everyone but as Emily points out, you could always wear in on your middle finger in the hopes you'll see your former loved one at a latter time and you can then say high by raising your finger to show off your new piece of jewelry.

My biggest issue with the ring? It's quite ugly, especially for $3,200.

What do you think about the divorce ring? Worth the cash or a complete waste of money.