Chris Pratt Wants To Return For ‘Lego Movie’ Sequel

Chris Pratt has placed his name in the casting hat for the inevitable Lego Movie sequel. It seems this “Guardian of the Galaxy” wants to do more in Hollywood, and we’re sure audiences won’t mind that.

The Lego Movie was a hit with audiences, giving us that ever-popular musical intro “Everything is Awesome,” which ended up being the theme. The sheer amount of time put into the visuals was not wasted, as the movie was as impressive as its cast of cameos.

Some didn’t see it in such a positive light, of course. Most audiences were able to see past these flaws and bought into the “awesome” that the movie had to offer.

The actor who voiced Emmet, also known as “the Special,” is willing to reprise his role in the sequel. Chris Pratt hopes that The Lego Movie 2 is just as engaging as the first, and gave his own suggestions and hopes:

“I don’t know anything. I hope I’m back. I loved working with Chris and Phil, and I hope Emmet is crucial to the story.

“But I can also see a world where they can kind of do anything and call it ‘The Lego Movie 2,’ do you know what I mean?

“It could be about a different character, it’s not like other cartoons in that way. I hope that Emmet isn’t disposable, he was such a great big part of that movie.”

It would probably be cheating the audience a little to make a Lego Movie sequel and not have the main hero from the first one end up central once again. Considering what the movie ended up being, it wouldn’t be hard to believe if some of the characters who “died” the first time make a miraculous recovery. After all, the whole story was built in the mind of a child according to the end, when Will Ferrell made his in-person cameo for a heart-to-heart confrontation with his inventive son.

Even Chris Pratt’s other big movie Guardians of the Galaxy has already seen some positive reviews from critics who have been given an advance screening. Pratt can’t seem to do anything wrong, and his fans are hoping his luck continues.

Are you hoping to see Pratt’s return when the Lego Movie 2 release date hits May 26, 2017? Will everything still be awesome, or will the sequel be the cinematic equivalent of stepping on a Lego?

Chris Pratt is betting on the former.

[image via Forbes]