FEC Likely To Provide Gabrielle Giffords Increased Security At Her Houston Home

The Federal Election Commission recently received a request to provide security improvements at the Houston home of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a request they are expected to grant.

The FEC will consider the draft advisory opinion from the U.S. Capitol Police during a Wednesday meeting.

According to the draft advisory opinion:

“The commission concludes that the ongoing security needs of Representative Giffords … would not exist were Representative Giffords not a federal officeholder or a candidate for re-election.”

The opinion also states that using Giffords campaign funds would not be a violation of rules prohibiting personal use of campaign cash.

Security upgrades which include installing improved exterior lighting, improved locks and an alarm button would cost approximately $2,200.

Giffords has been living in her family’s Houston home since being released from the TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in mid-June.

The Giffords campaign fund currently had $787,000 in holdings and Gifford’s did return to her post for one day on August 1st when she provided a “yes” vote to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.

Given the nature of her injuries and the national attention her shooting has received it’s highly unlikely the request will be denied, especially considering her husband is also a retired U.S. Navy officer and NASA astronaut who is currently writing a memoir with his wife.

Do you believe the request to increase security for Gabrielle Giffords should be approved? I hardly think $2200 is worth fighting over, especially when it can help ease Giffords mind as she continues to recover from her horrendous injuries.