Zoe Saldana To Take A Break From Acting After Pregnancy?

Zoe Saldana is three months pregnant with twins and everyone’s excited! Recently, The Inquisitr reported that the Avatar star and her hubby Marco Perego are expecting two babies next winter. The couple confirmed to multiple sources that they are very excited, with one source quoted as saying that Zoe is very “thrilled” by the awesome news.

And who wouldn’t be? Fans of Zoe have been asking baby questions for so long since she got together with Perego. And now that it’s here, new rumors and speculations are beginning to circulate through social media. Carrying twins can be quite a task, and fans of Zoe have been speculating that the 36-year-old star might possibly consider taking a break for a while from her acting endeavors after she gives birth to her babies.

However, E! confirmed that Saldana won’t be taking a break. In fact, she is expected to work immediately after she gives birth to her twins. Zoe Saldana has already signed up for three Avatar sequels, and shooting for the first sequel is expected to commence almost immediately after she gives birth. And there’s also Star Trek 3, which would also be filling up her post-preggo schedules next year. Rumors have it that producers of Trek 3 are already in talks with Avatar’s James Cameron to try to arrange shooting schedules for Zoe. Despite the very tight schedules, Cameron has expressed his utmost support for Saldana’s pregnancy. He even gave some vital advice to first-time-mommy Zoe, who admitted that she doesn’t exactly know what to expect:

“I’ve been told by [James Cameron] that it’ll be about an overall spiritual journey.”

But Zoe Saldana doesn’t appear to be too fazed by what is about to come. Zoe and Marco are, for now, focused on the babies. The couple haven’t decided on names, but we’re expecting one to be Neytiri, because that would just be adorable.

In other news, Saldana is quite busy jumping from city to city to promote her latest film Guardians of the Galaxy, where she plays an assassin named Gamora. A baby bump was already slightly visible, according to the Hollywood Life, when Zoe Saldana appeared during the Hollywood premiere of her sci-fi movie.

Zoe Saldana appears with Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt, WWE superstar Dave Batista, Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper. Guardians had a Hollywood premiere last week and is expected to open in local and international theaters on August 1.

[Image from Ewen Roberts via Flickr]