Lightning Strike Selfie Caught On Video

A lightning strike selfie was hardly the purpose of the video, but it did manage to capture the moment where a young couple was nearly stuck by lightning while trying to take a romantic photo shot.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, being bitten by soccer player Luis Suarez actually has a higher chance of occurring than being struck by lightning. No joke, someone actually did the math! Speaking of defying the odds, once man from Georgia was literally blown out of his work boots by a lightning strike and he even has photos to prove what happened. That still does not beat the story of a miracle baby who survived being struck by lightning while still in the womb. It is claimed that even a year after being born that her hair still stands on end.

Luis Morales Fukutake uploaded the video of the lightning strike selfie. The young couple was on holiday and enjoying swimming and snorkeling during a storm in Yal-Ku Lagoon near Cancun in Mexico when the bolt struck the ground not to far behind them. Fortunately, neither of them were injured by the blast but the lightning bolt certainly ruined the romantic moment.