Paris Hilton Shares Details About Her Scuffle With Jeremy Jackson

Paris Hilton has a lot of stories in her head these days, and she’s ready and willing to share the majority of them with the rest of the world.

Not only does the hotel heiress have a new Carl Jr’s commercial on the market, she’s also spreading the good word about her upcoming album. While discussing the latter with Mario Lopez and Extra at Universal Studios Hollywood, Hilton used the opportunity to talk about what happened between her brother and actor Jeremy Jackson.

For those who have no idea what we’re talking about, Paris Hilton’s sibling got into a scuffle with the former Baywatch star at her house in Malibu earlier this summer. According to reports, the fiasco sent Paris’ brother Barron to the hospital.

During her chat with Extra, Hilton shared a few details about what went down on that fateful evening. In her opinion, Jackson was the one who started all the trouble.

Paris explained:

“We’re home chilling and all of a sudden some random dude walks in, busts in and we’re like, ‘We don’t know you. Can you please leave?’ He would not leave. He got very aggressive, started attacking everybody… it was actually really scary. I’ve had so many stalkers and intruders, so when this happened I was very freaked out.”

Of course, Paris Hilton isn’t the only person discussing the scuffle with the media these days. Entertainment Tonight reports that Jeremy Jackson shared his side of the tale during a recent interview. The actor said that Paris was among a “gaggle of geese” who were picking on him during the Malibu party.

Jackson said of the fiasco:

“As soon as [my friend] let me go, somebody hit me over the face with a vodka bottle… At this point, I still have my hands in the air, my back is against the door… No matter what [they] do I’m not going to freak out… And then I’m outside…[and] some nameless friend, Barron [Hilton’s] buddy, runs outside, kicks me in the chest… I fall back, slam against a Ferrari that’s parked outside.”

So which one is telling the truth? Did Jackson show up to Paris Hilton’s shindig unannounced, or did something happes at the party that no one is openly discussing? Your guess is as good as anyone’s right now, especially since their tales are so difficult.

What do you think happened between Paris Hilton, her brother, and Jeremy Jackson at her Malibu home? Who do you think is responsible for the altercation?

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