See ‘Mary Poppins Quits’ Rebuttal, Which Claims The $10.10 Minimum Wage Isn’t Reasonable [Video]

Mary Poppins 50th anniversary edition blu-ray/dvid

If you see Mary Poppins Quits, you will probably love how Kristen Bell dresses up as the famous Disney character for Funny or Die in order to create a catchy parody that attempts to throw Poppins’ hat into the political debate over the $10.10 minimum wage. But not everyone agrees with the message behind the video.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the debate over the $10.10 minimum has several members of Congress promising to “live the wage” for a week. Critics claim it’s just a stunt that attempts to appeal to emotion and even polls of Republicans show that almost no one believes it’s possible to on the current minimum wage as it currently stands. Adding fuel to the fire, one fire claim that states with higher minimum wage laws also have more jobs available for the offering.

Taking on the role of a chimney sweeper, Reason Magazine’s Remy manages to turn the argument for Mary Poppins Quits upside down. For example, Remy turned the lyric, “Just a three-dollar increase can make a living wage,” into, “Just three pages of econ and perhaps your mind will change.”

So they’ll raise the price of me
How happy I will be
It’s great!
I’ve been
Replaced by a machine…

I don’t mean to sound too partial
You’re forgetting, Sarah Marshall
Unintended consequences of these laws
But I agree with what you say
Rich people they should pay
Their share!
Their part!
Not take cash on Kickstart–

Just 3 pages of Econ
And perhaps your mind will change
When free people arrange
Voluntary exchange
Just 3 pages of Econ
With this talk of “living wage”…
Tell me, what do you folks pay?

The rebuttal to Mary Poppins Quits also raises the point that Kristen Bell is rich and also smacks Funny or Die right in the face with a jab about how the company does not any wages at all to interns. As they put it: “Well, that’s awkward.”

After you see Mary Poppins Quits and the rebuttal, what do you think about the message of both? Do you believe a $10.10 minimum wage is fair?