Kitten Fights Ceramic Cat, Video Goes Viral For Cuteness And Bruce Lee Moves

If a kitten fighting a ceramic cat does not overwhelm you with its cute factor, then you are either a dog person or you’re just getting tired of the overwhelming flood of cat videos.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one Facebook photo that inspired controversy showed a man pointing a gun to the head of a cat. When other people expressed outrage, he jokingly assured them that he had only shot the cat twice. Fearing possible animal cruelty, police investigated the matter and tried to find the man responsible.

User James Akamaguna of YouTube posted the cat video showing his little cat getting a bit frisky with a fake cat. The name of the video pretty much explains itself, since he called it, “Do Yourself A Favor And Watch This Kitten Attack A Ceramic Cat.”

This agitated kitten at first seem unsure what to do, but eventually has moves you would expect to see from some martial artist like Bruce Lee. The kitten somersaults, jumps, and freaks out over the ceramic statue, but his opponent refuses to go down (unlike Chuck Norris).

Comments seem to agree its adorable although some question the kitty’s tactics:

“I will never understand how flipping yourself over and attacking through your back legs is effective, but I see little kittens do it all the time. “

The video of this kitten attacking a ceramic cat already has over 250,000 views as of this writing and I’m sure it’s just getting started.