Top 10 'Big Bang Theory' Mysteries Revealed At Comic-Con

Terri LaPoint

There is still no confirmation yet that the big stars of The Big Bang Theory will return for another season, but the writers and producers of the hit series showed up at Comic-Con in San Diego for a fun-filled panel discussion, operating under the assumption that "the show will go on." Attendees were the first to hear some great behind-the-scenes secrets in Ballroom 20 as late night host Craig Ferguson moderated questions about the hit comedy that has made being a nerd cool.

1) Wedding Bells For Penny and Leonard

Penny chose Leonard as her forever "strawberry pop-tart" at the end of The Big Bang Theory's season 7, finally making the decision to marry the guy next door who had been in love with her from the moment he met her. (Who didn't cry at that scene? I confess that I did.) But Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro made it clear to the fans at Comic-Con that their wedding is nowhere near right around the corner, according to HitFix. Penny has to prove to everyone that pregnancy is not a motivation for tying the knot, which pretty much takes us to the end of the next season, at least.

2) Penny Who?

Just what IS Penny's last name? Still, nobody knows. Even the writers, reports Entertainment Weekly. Maybe they will figure that one out by the time the wedding invitations go out.

3) That Kiss

Sheldon and Amy's first kiss on the Valentine's Day train ride was every bit as awkward and entertaining as one might expect. Big Bang Theory writers revealed that there was a great deal of tension about just how to go about handling the long-awaited (by Amy Farrar-Fowler at least) moment of their first kiss. It could have happened very differently had the team decided to go with an alternate version of the story, which was written as "a kinder, gentler version where he kisses her just because he's having such a lovely experience on the train." Right. Thinking that they kept the right version for the actual Big Bang episode. For Sheldon to have kissed her willingly, just because he was having a great time would have been oddly out of character.

4) Dissing Aquaman

It is clear that Aquaman is not popular among The Big Bang Theory characters, especially Raj ("Aquaman sucks.") A fan wanted to know why Aquaman is so disrespected by the show. Ferguson blurted out, "Because he's not a real superhero! That's why! That's why!" As he continued to make fun of the belittled superhero, it came to his attention that the lady who asked the question was none other than Maryann Norris, the granddaughter of Paul Norris, who was the comic book artist creator of Aquaman. Entertainment Weekly reports that red-faced Ferguson "looked genuinely mortified," and sought to make amends for his embarrassing blunder. He mimed falling on his sword, and added, with a straight face, "May I just say that on a personal note, Aquaman has always been my favorite." Nice save.

Big Bang Theory Aquaman

5) Why Did Professor Proton Have To Die?

While other kids idolized Superman or Batman, little Shelly Cooper's childhood superhero was Professor Proton, portrayed by Emmy-award winning Bob Newhart. According to the Hollywood Reporter, moderator Craig Ferguson's first question of the discussion was a demand to know which "b*st*d" came up with the brilliant idea of killing of Sheldon's hero. The reason basically comes down to the fact that Bob Newhart whisked onto the show and took their glory. Molero admits, "The Big Bang Theory at the time had been nominated for three Emmy Awards and hadn't won any, and Bob Newhart came on the show one time and got one. I thought to myself, 'We have to kill this guy!'" (Gasp!) He then reassured fans that the plot-line has left it open for Proton's return, because he has already returned as a ghost Jedi knight in Sheldon's dreams.

Big Bang Theory Jedi

6) Stuart - A Pheonix From the Comic Book Store Ashes?

When season 8 opens, everything is different in Stuart's world. His comic book store has burned down, and he is at the beck and call of Mrs. Wolowitz, a job he was loving at the end of last season. But The Big Bang Theory characters simply cannot go on with life without a comic book store. The thought is too horrible to contemplate. The writers revealed that there will indeed "be a comic book store in the future. We're not sure exactly how it's gonna work out. But the show will not go on without a comic book store, I promise you." However, Stuart's role in the store has yet to be determined. He may be liking hanging out with Mrs. Wolowitz too much.

7) Trailer Debut For Penny's Movie

Fans at Comic-Con were the first to see the exciting new faux trailer for Penny's upcoming sequel to Serial Ape-ist, according to a previous Inquisitr report. The fictional movie was a project involving Penny and Wil Wheaton, and the campy trailer provided great entertainment. Wheaton delighted the audience by making an appearance at the end of the trailer, complete in ape costume. He then joined the panel, telling fans, "When we worked on the episodes where that show is talked about, every time we talked about it, we got more and more excited about how we wanted it to be a real movie."

8) Wil Wheaton Revelation

Wheaton confided to his fans that the current manifestation of the character he portrays, as himself, is not far off from who he really is. But the "evil Wil Wheaton" in the beginning, was not so much, "as far as anyone knows." He said that "when the relationship between Wil Wheaton and Sheldon sort of changed and he became more of an ally and a friend to him, that character started to shift a lot closer to who I am in my life." The Big Bang Theory's version of Wil has an apartment not unlike the real Wil's house. Some of the artwork on the wall actually belongs to Wil in real life, including "[t]hat ridiculous velvet Wesley Crusher painting? Uh, actually, I own that."

Big Bang Theory Wheaton

9) "I Am Your Father"

James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher both guest starred on The Big Bang Theory, but somehow, amazingly, over all these years, the two icons had never actually met, it was revealed at Comic-Con. It is strangely logical, really, because James Earl Jones was the voice actor playing Darth Vader, so he wasn't needed on set during the filming of the action. So when Princess Leia met Darth Vader on The Big Bang Theory set, it was for the very first time in real life. Steve Molero told the shocked fans about that first encounter, telling them that Carrie ran up to James Earl Jones calling out "Dad!"

10) The Elevator

Every once in while, the thought occurs, "Wonder if they will ever fix that elevator?" According to Executive Producer Bill Prady, the answer to that burning question is, "no." It's entirely too useful as a plot device. Big Bang Theory writers utilize that walk up four flights of stairs for many a conversation between characters. Molero adds that, "I think that's the only exercise those guys get." Entertainment Weekly reports another very important reason not to fix the elevator: that broken elevator is the whole reason that the Big Bang Theory gets to use their favorite stage. They had to dig a hole for the stairwell in the best stage, Stage 25, for the show pilot. After the show was signed on, Warner Brothers Studios wanted them to move to "the worst stage." According to Prady, Big Bang Theory creator "Chuck Lorre said, 'Great, just dig a hole in that stage. They said, 'Oh. Okay, you can stay where you are.'"

There are certainly a number of mysteries that were not solved at the Comic-Con. Fans may just have to wait and see what happens when The Big Bang Theory returns for season 8 on September 22, because the writers continue to remain tight-lipped about some important story lines.

[images via screenshots from Big Bang Theory, Vagary TV, and Wikia]