Michelle Beadle Slams Stephen A. Smith For Insinuating That Women Provoke Domestic Abuse

Michelle Beadle is publicly feuding on Twitter with the First Take’s Stephen A. Smith over a comment he made regarding the situation with Ray Rice’s suspension.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Michelle Beadle, CM Punk, and AJ Lee apparently used to be friends, but Beadle says that all ended when she gave her version of a friendly hello by calling Philip Brooks a “f**k face” while greeting him.

The Ravens had Ray Rice suspended for only two games after he assaulted his wife while on an elevator and was arrested for domestic abuse. This seemingly small punishment for violating the NFL personal conduct policy had Keith Olbermann spitting some angry words at the NFL since even a Dallas Cowboys player was banned for five days for stomping another player during a game.

When Stephen A Smith spoke on First Take, he condemned the actions of Ray Rice, saying that men have no business raising their fists to women. But then his opinion suddenly became controversial:

“But what I’ve tried to employ the female members of my family, some of who you all met and talked to and what have you, is that again, and this what, I’ve done this all my life, let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions, because if I come, or somebody else come, whether it’s law enforcement officials, your brother or the fellas that you know, if we come after somebody has put their hands on you, it doesn’t negate the fact that they already put their hands on you. So let’s try to make sure that we can do our part in making sure that that doesn’t happen. “

This particular section caused an angry Michelle Beadle to go to Twitter to discuss what she thought about that idea:

“So I was just forced to watch this morning’s First Take. A) I’ll never feel clean again B) I’m now aware that I can provoke my own beating…. I’m thinking about wearing a miniskirt this weekend…I’d hate to think what I’d be asking for by doing so…. I was in an abusive relationship once. I’m aware that men & women can both be the abuser. To spread a message that we not ‘provoke’ is wrong…. Violence isn’t the victim’s issue. It’s the abuser’s. To insinuate otherwise is irresponsible and disgusting. Walk. Away.”

Smtih responded to Beadle on Twitter, as well:

“This will be a long tweeted message, folks. So please stay with me and let me finish my complete thought before responding…b/c i’m ANNOYED. In discussing the Ray Rice ruling earlier today on @ESPN_FirstTake, me and@RealSkipBayless ventured into discussing domestic violence. Upon hearing what I had to say, although admitting I could’ve been more articulate on the matter, let me be clear: I don’t understand how on earth someone could interpret that I somehow was saying women are to blame for domestic violence. And when I saw @MichelleDBeadle — a colleague I have profound respect for — tweet what she tweeted, enough is enough. Something needs to be said right now. REPEATEDLY i said: There is absolutely no excuse to put your hands on a women. REPEATEDLY, I said dudes who do that need to be dealt with. REPEATEDLY, I echoed when confronted by it in the past — when someone was stupid enough to touch a loved one of this man, raised by 4 older sisters, a mom and numerous female relatives and loved ones, that man was dealt with. From that point, I simply asked: now what about the other side. If a man is pathetic and stupid enough to put his hands on a woman — which I have NEVER DONE, btw — of course he needs to pay the price. Who on earth is denying that? But what about addressing women on how they can help prevent the obvious wrong being done upon them? In no way was I accusing a women of being wrong. I was simply saying what that preventive measures always need to be addressed because there’s only but so much that can be done after the fact….once the damage is already done. Nothing more. My apologies to @MichelleDBeadle And any woman out there who misconstrued what I said. I have always — and will always — find violence against a women every bit as horrific as women, themselves, find it. Always have. Always will, which my personal behavior exemplifies. I’ll strive to be more articulate in the future. But be clear, I wasn’t BLAMING women for anything. I was simply saying to take all things into consideration for preventative purposes. Period.”

This explanation did not impress Michelle Beadle since she simply responded, “I stand by my word.” What do you think about Stephen A. Smith’s comment about the Ray Rice situation?