‘Bachelor’ Star Tenley Molzahn Drops Love and Focuses on New Venture?

Bachelor star Tenley Molzahn may not have found the love of her life when she signed on to do the show, but she did fall in love with Kiptyn Locke when she decided to film Bachelor Pad. The two started dating once the show was over and many expected them to get engaged and start a family.

But like any relationship, they had their ups and downs. They had to learn to love one another in the public eye and they were a part of the famous Bachelor family, which meant that they were often attending Bachelor events. Tenley’s relationship with Kiptyn had become a symbol of the show’s success.

According to a new Wetpaint report, Tenley Molzahn may be a single lady once again. She hasn’t mentioned Kiptyn on her social media since late May and she has been focusing her energy on her career. In June, she shared a message, saying she was “over it,” but didn’t specify what she was over.

Tenley Molzahn has said that she wanted a strong and solid relationship with the possibility of starting a family. Many felt that Molzahn had found this with Locke, but many signs are hinting that the romance is over.

In February of this year, both Tenley and Kiptyn announced that they were back together once again after taking a long break. After the first breakup, they didn’t announce it on social media. But they felt it was necessary to announce that they had started dating again. Their past behaviors could be why people think that they are no longer together.

Over the past couple of weeks, Tenley has been sharing updates on her Twitter and Instagram accounts about her new venture, Tenley’s Sweet and Free Life. It is a website venture, where she talks about healthy living by offering recipes, advice, and health coaching services.

Kiptyn himself hasn’t mentioned Molzahn on his social media profiles either. Instead, he has been focusing on his charity work and his busy schedule. Sadly, Tenley Molzahn is not on his schedule of things.

Of course, the breakup between Tenley Molzahn and Locke is just pure speculation. Neither of them have posted anything about the breakup or about their current status. However, Tenley had posted a picture with another Bachelorette star, who was on Desiree Hartsock’s season of the show.

She shared a picture on Facebook, revealing that she had been hanging out with Kasey Stewart, the man who was sent home by Desiree before things got serious. And it sounds like they could be the perfect match on paper, as they are both Christian, they both live in California, and they have both been married before. Of course, this isn’t the first Bachelor relationship to end. The infamous engagement between Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi made headlines for months, including here on The Inquisitr.

Tenley Molzahn may not confirm the breakup or the new relationship until she is sure that it is worth pursuing. Do you think Molzahn and Locke are done for good?

[Image via Celebeat]