Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Connected To ‘Tarzan’ In Twist Worthy Of ‘Once Upon A Time’

Disney’s Frozen has been linked to Tarzan, but does the connection make sense?

According to Moviepilot, Tarzan might actually be Anna and Elsa’s little brother. As evidence of the existence of this wild family tree, the website points to a Reddit AMA from earlier this year.

During the AMA, Frozen director-writer Jennifer Lee was asked about where Anna and Elsa’s parents were headed when their ship sank out at sea. Lee answered with co-director Chris Buck’s intriguing explanation:

“According to Chris, they didn’t die on the boat. They got washed up on a shore in a jungle island. The queen gave birth to a baby boy. They build a treehouse. They get eaten by a leopard…”

It seems pretty obvious that Buck was trying to say that Frozen is connected to Tarzan in a very big way. The response also references another popular Disney conspiracy theory that Anna and Elsa’s parents were killed on their way to the wedding of Tangled characters Rapunzel and Flynn. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Tangled characters actually make a cameo in Disney’s Frozen.

Buck also directed Tarzan, so it’s possible he planned this connection from the start. However, it’s also very likely that he was just messing with all the Disney conspiracy theorists who love to dream up wild ways to link all the animated movies from the House of Mouse.

As some Movie Pilot commenters pointed out, the TarzanFrozen connection doesn’t add up because of one piece of evidence: the photo of baby Tarzan with his parents. Obviously the photo was taken before their fateful journey. This means that Anna and Elsa would have known that they had a little brother and that he was with their parents when their ship went missing. There’s never any mention of a baby brother during the Frozen movie, so it’s highly unlikely that the TarzanFrozen link was planned.

However, there’s still a ray of hope for those who would love for Tarzan to turn out to be Anna and Elsa’s younger brother. The ABC TV series Once Upon a Time is doing a Frozen storyline, and the whole purpose of the show is to link every character in Disney’s animated universe in ways that are wild and unexpected. For example, actress Emilie de Ravin recently tweeted a Once set photo from the honeymoon of Belle from Beauty and the Beast and the crocodile from Peter Pan.

Once Upon a Time hasn’t introduced Tarzan yet, and adding the character to the Frozen story arc would be an interesting way to do this. Showrunner Edward Kitsis already hinted that Anna and Elsa’s mother might still be alive in Once‘s take on the fairy tale. He revealed that actress Elizabeth Mitchell will either be playing the Queen of Arendelle or a sinister Snow Queen who is similar to the character in the Hans Christian Andersen story that Frozen is based on.

If Mitchell is playing Anna and Elsa’s mother, the character could have given birth to a son who she somehow managed to lose in the jungle. The way Once Upon a Time works, it’s even possible that baby Tarzan got sucked up in a magical waterspout and spirited away to a jungle world far, far away.

Would you like for Tarzan and Frozen to be connected, or would you prefer for each Disney fairy tale to have its own separate world?

[Photo courtesy of Moviepilot]