Fake Landlord Leah Cuevas Decapitated Neighbor Over Rent, Scattered Body Parts Across New York

Fake Landlord Leah Cuevas Decapitated Neighbor Over Rent, Scattered Body Parts Across New York

Leah Cuevas is charged with second-degree murder for the killing and decapitation of 27-year-old Chinelle Latoya Thompson Browne. Police say the confrontation took place over rent money and after the murder was committed the body parts were found scattered over multiple counties in New York.

In a related reported by The Inquisitr, a so-called Craigslist sex buddy murdered and decapitated a pregnant teen and her boyfriend.

Witnesses claimed Cuevas was “pretending” to be the landlord for an apartment building and yet charged Browne $400 a month to Browne for four to five months. The building did not have hot water and the electricity would periodically be shut off. Browne eventually learned the truth about her fake landlord and confronted the woman after her apartment went dark. Browne demanded Cuevas restore her power, but the argument erupted into shouting. Browne tried to leave to work but Cuevas followed the other woman onto the streets and continued to scream at her.

A day later on July 5, Browne returned to the apartments pushing a shopping and witnesses say they heard parts of a continued argument that was held in Cuevas’ apartment room. Court papers say Browne was stabbed to death, including “an incised wound which severed her head with a sharp instrument.” Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Robert Biancavilla says Browne’s last words were cries for mercy:

“No Lee! No Lee! What you doing? Oh no, oh no! I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Police found Browne’s blood in Cuevas’ apartment and in a nearby hallway, although her body was divided into pieces and hidden through Long Island. The legs and torso of Browne’s remains were found at Bay Shore, while an arm was tossed onto a lawn in Hempstead, with the other arm found days later in another yard a mile away. Browne’s head was eventually found on July 17 in yet another yard.

Chinelle’s husband, Dale Browne, says only a beast could have done this murder:

“When the prosecutor described the words that she screamed out, I can hear those words. It’s animalistic. It’s a beast that did this.”

Cuevas’ Attorney Mary Beth Abbate has entered a not guilty plea and claims that since her client does not have a record that the charges be dropped and the woman released.