Can A Black Panther Really Be So Cute? Watch This One Leap With Joy To Greet This Special Lady

Juhi Agrawal black panther

Juhi Agrawal is not your ordinary cat lady. Her cats are a lot bigger than the ordinary housecat. But they love her as much as she loves them, as will be evident from this video, taken at Cheetah Experience, a South African non-profit “big cat center,” where she volunteers to work with the huge but nonetheless adorable kitties.

Check out this clip of a beautiful black panther named Pardus, who can’t wait to see Juhi when she shows up to give the majestic yet playful big cat some attention. This cat is literally bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Black panthers in Africa, by the way, are actually black leopards. In the western hemisphere, they are black jaguars.

But it doesn’t really matter what you call Pardus. As you’ll see in this amazing video, at heart he’s just an overgrown kitten.

And if this video makes you smile as much as we think it will, please check out Juhi Agrawal’s own YouTube channel, where she presents a number of other videos with different big cats at Cheetah Experience in Bloemfontein, the capital of South Africa’s Free State province.

Cheetah Experience was started in 2006, “with the long-term goal of breeding cheetahs. Our intention is to release them back into a ‘protected wild’, where they will be interfered with as little as possible by humans, yet will still be monitored closely by vets and researchers in order for us to gain better insight into the lives of these magnificent creatures. We also wish to introduce a new cheetah bloodline,” the center’s online site says.

All we can say is, those cats are going to be the most lovable cats in the jungle if they keep spending time around Cheetah Experience workers like Juhi.