Lea Michele Dishes on ‘Glee’ Season 3, Rachel’s Graduation

Last month, Glee fans were whipped into an uproar when it was revealed that main characters Finn, Rachel and Kurt were likely to graduate- and presumably be written off the show.

Lea Michele’s attention hogging Rachel is arguably the most central to the show’s plot- the quintessential drama queen drama club leader everyone knew (or knows) in high school. Creator Ryan Murphy cited a commitment to “realism” in having the trio graduate at the expected time, but after the fandom backlash was unleashed, he backpedaled a bit in later interviews about the involvement of Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele in future installments of Glee. (Murphy also revealed that he’d received death threats due to the boundaries-pushing content on the show.)

Murphy isn’t the only one dishing on the future of Glee and its biggest stars. Lea Michele did an interview about the future of the show, as well as the role she, Colfer and Monteith will play in upcoming episodes. When asked about a possible Glee spin-off to accommodate the college-bound cast of Lima High, Michele commented:

“You know what’s so funny is that I feel like so many people are looking so far ahead, and honestly for me, I know what is coming up for Rachel this season and I’m so excited for that so I try not to get too far ahead of myself and I’m just focused on what I have to do right now.”

Both Michele and Murphy have indicated that in part, the upcoming season of Glee will be returning to its roots- both musically and involving the core cast. But Michele said she would like to continue working with guest star’s on Glee Season 3:

“Here’s the thing, I love focusing on the main characters, but I still love our guest stars. It’s a great opportunity for people who may not be singers to get to come on and sing and have fun and for that I really hope that they continue to bring people on. As for the theme episodes, they are incredibly hard so if we don’t do too many of those I think I would be okay.”

It’s a bit under a month until Glee returns for a third season on FOX, and you can read Michele’s full commentary here.