‘RHONY’ Star Sonja Morgan Feels Foolish For Chasing LuAnn and Harry

Sonja Morgan put herself out there this season in hopes of finding a lover and a partner. While she is famous for dating much younger men, she has been very clear about wanting a solid relationship, and to perhaps even get married again.

This season of The Real Housewives of New York, Morgan has been parading around with Harry Dubin on her arm, who just happens to be the ex-husband of Aviva Drescher. Sonja has been very critical of Harry because of his wandering eye, but she probably wasn’t counting on her friend taking him home.

According to her final Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan is now revealing that she felt foolish for trusting that Harry and his commitment ring. Before he decided to leave Sonja Morgan’s party, he gave her a commitment ring. He told her that he wanted to spend more time with her. And then he left with LuAnn De Lesseps as soon as LuAnn told him she was single again.

“I foolishly chased after both of them, because I wanted to be with them, and sprained my ankle on my fishtail dress,” Sonja reveals after reliving the party during the season finale episode. Sonja adds that her assistant, Tyler, had overheard LuAnn say, “I am single now, let’s go Harry.” Sonja took that as LuAnn wanting Harry all to herself.

During the episode, LuAnn is seen flirting with Harry Dubin. Many assume that they have slept together once before. LuAnn has even gained a reputation for going after men in a very aggressive manner, so the scene wasn’t surprising for viewers and fans of the show.

Many have speculated that Sonja’s relationship with Harry was faked for the cameras, as discussed by US Magazine. The ring that was given to Sonja Morgan during the season finale was not an engagement ring. However, it is possible that Dubin gave her the ring for the sake of keeping her close, even though he wasn’t planning on ending his single reign.

Of course, the last thing Sonja Morgan should worry about is a man. On the previous season of the show, Sonja filed for bankruptcy, as outlined by Inquisitr. Since then, she has struggled to pay the money she owes. Morgan has supposedly sold her French mansion, which should give her a couple of million in her pocket. In addition, she has been hoping that The Real Housewives of New York can help her with some income, as she has agreed to continue with the show.

Plus, Sonja is still banking on her various product lines, including her infamous toaster oven and a new fragrance. The Real Housewives of New York may not be around to assist her financially forever, but one can hope for her that she gets to film a few more season. This past season almost didn’t happen thanks to disagreements over salaries.

Are you surprised that Sonja Morgan trusted Harry Dubin this season?

[Image via Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York]