World’s Richest Bride Marries, Petra Ecclestone Drops $5 Million On Wedding

Petra Ecclestone, the daughter of billionaire Formula 1 racing CEO Bernie Ecclestone exchanged vows over the weekend with fiance businessman James Stunt. According to reports the lavish three-day wedding which took place just outside of Rome cost the brides father a cool $5 million.

When considering Petra Ecclestone just dropped $85 million to buy Candy Spelling’s Beverly Hills home that price seems like a drop in the bucket.

So what did Ecclestone get for $5 million? She started with a $130,000 Vera Wang gown and then partied down with guests as various musical guests performed including Andrea Bocelli, Eric Clapton and the Black Eyed Peas.

Guests at the reception also sipped on Chateau Petrus wine which retails for $6,500 per bottle.

One source told E! Online:

“No one had ever seen anything like it. Everything was done to perfection with no expense spared,” while adding, “It was the wedding of the century fit for a princess!”

Before the wedding started guests were already being pampered at the very upscale hotel Villa Aurelia where they ate caviar and calamari while sipping on Cristal champagne as Alicia Keys performed.

It may have been a high end affair and some people are calling it the “wedding of the decade” but honestly $5 million seems a bit on the cheap side when your dad is worth billions, then again perhaps her $85 million mansion was a wedding gift.