British Inventor Aiming ‘Fart Cannon’ At France Today [Video]

British inventor points fart cannon at France

British garage inventor and plumber Colin Furze claims he will test a fart cannon aimed at France today.

He already claims to have invented the biggest valveless pulsejet ever made and will hook it up to a 16-foot butt (or “bum” as this bodily appendage is referred to in the U.K.) to complete the experiment.

The whole scenario behind, as it were, the fart cannon is explained in the somewhat frenetic videos embedded below.

Gizmodo offers further details of this under-the-radar undertaking:

Colin Furze wants to build a giant butt and fart at France from Dover. That’s why he has built the biggest valveless pulse jet machine ever—these engines powered the Nazi V-1 bombs that terrified London during WW2 making an infernal noise that sounds like a furious fart from hell. Now that the engine is done he’s actually going to build a gigantic butt, install the machine in its anus, put the whole thingamajig on the cliffs of Dover, point it at France, and fart on July 24… to see if [residents] at the other side of the channel can hear it.”

Furze, who apparently developed an internet following after developing Wolverine claw replicas, explained on YouTube that “There are reports that in the war, people could hear artillery fire from northern France, but will the French hear this[?]. It’s… very loud and glows like the sun so next after this is a giant bum to point it through.”

According to The Week, “Whether or not Furze’s sound experiment is successful, just think of the potential health benefits a fart gun of this magnitude could provide,” a reference to recent studies that the smell of flatulence might offer some health benefits such as preventing mitochondria death and cellular inflammation.

Can you anticipate a practical application for this fart cannon or do think this may be just a put-on?

The fart cannon firing is supposed to take place right around the time of this writing, so stay tuned.

Added: Colin Furze’s fart cannon experiment apparently was a success: