Educator, Blue Man Impostor Arrested on Public Sex Charges

Two men -- Michael Pressler and Darren Stephens -- are under arrest and charged with engaging in sexual acts in a Chicago park. One of the men is a school assistant principal. The other claimed to be a member of the Blue Man Group.

Michael Pressler: Maine East High

Michael Pressler - Maine EastMichael Pressler, 48, is the assistant principal at Maine East High School in the city of Park Ridge. Pressler has held the position at the school for four years and used to head up the school's fine art department, local media outlets report. He had reportedly been with the district for a total of 16 years.

A district spokesperson has indicated Michael Pressler will be off the job while the board of education considers the case. He will continue to be paid.

Michael Pressler is charged with a misdemeanor count of public indecency.

Darren Stephens: Blue Man Group Claim

Darren Stephens - Blue Man GroupThe second suspect, Darren Stephens, told police he was a member of the Blue Man Group. Stephens, 45, said he was an actor.

The Blue Man Group has since released a statement indicating no one named Darren Stephens has ever worked for its company in any capacity.

Darren Stephens faces the same charge of public indecency as Pressler..

Both men are scheduled to appear in court on February 6.