Rachel McAdams Cringes While Watching Her ‘Notebook’ Audition

Even though The Notebook turns ten this year, Rachel McAdams still cringes when she thinks about her audition. On an appearance on the Today show promoting her new film, A Most Wanted Man, Rachel sat down with Matt Lauer and watched her audition for the 2004 film.

“Why are you cringing?” Lauer asked when he saw McAdams’ pained face. “You got the part. It worked out well! Nicely done!” Most actors claim it’s hard to watch themselves on camera, especially a ten-year-old audition tape, so we don’t blame Rachel for being embarrassed. Check out the audition that made Rachel cringe (even though we think it’s adorable!)

Matt also told Rachel that he and fellow Today show host Al Roker cried while watching The Notebook together on a flight. “I’m sitting next to [Roker] and I notice he’s crying. He’s sobbing. And now I’m crying. Buckets of water,” he told McAdams embarrassingly.

“No, no. Embrace it,” Rachel says. “I love that. It’s very sweet. Men want to confess that they cried and it felt good, It’s a lovely thing.”

Though Rachel winces now at the audition, it was revealed last month that Rachel was the clear top choice from a group of ten actresses that auditioned for her iconic Notebook role. “Some of them were really, really great, but when Ms. McAdams came in and read it was apparent that she was the one,” director Nick Cassavettes says.

“She left and we were just like, ‘Oh my God.’ [Ryan and I] gave each other a big hug, and it was just such a big relief. At the end of the day, we went with the best person for the job.”

You can catch McAdams in A Most Wanted Man in theaters this weekend, starring alongside Robin Wright and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The film is an espionage thriller adaptation of the best-selling novel by John le Carre; McAdams plays a human rights lawyer who gets tangled up with an immigrant seeking asylum in Germany. The thriller promises edge-of-your seat suspense, with a noteworthy performance from the always amazing Rachel McAdams.

Image via Live For Films