Watch ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Full Trailer

Watch Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

After much speculation and expectation, we can now watch the first Fifty Shades Of Grey full trailer, and it couldn’t come sooner for millions of fans who have patiently waited for the official release. The first look at the E.L James adaptation premiered on NBC’s Today Show on Thursday morning.

Following months of talk about how much of the steamy novel would actually make it on screen, the anticipated clip made its debut. Let’s face it, James wrote a very erotic story, with many details that won’t be shown on screen. After all, the studio has follow ratings regulations.

As with any film that contains a sexually explicit plot, producers have to thread carefully as to how much to show on the big screen. It is not easy with a script such as that of Fifty Shades Of Grey, a story that was dubbed “mommy porn” at the height of the novel’s popularity.

Fifty Shades of Grey

If you watch the two-minute, 25-seconds fifty Shades of Grey trailer from Focus Features, you can see college student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) paying her first visit to Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) for an interview she’s working on. From then on, a seemingly normal relationship begins, where Christian is seen wooing Ana with his lavish lifestyle, until the dark side of his personality reveals itself.

The official synopsis for the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer is as follows:

Fifty Shades of Grey is the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the bestselling book that has become a global phenomenon. Since its release, the Fifty Shades trilogy has been translated into 51 languages worldwide and sold more than 100 million copies in e-book and print—making it one of the biggest and fastest-selling book series ever.”

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Even though the production went through some casting problems at the beginning and struggled to find that perfect Christian Grey, a very important factor for a successful adaptation, those who watched the Fifty Shades Of Grey first full trailer seemed to approve of what the studio put out. Focus Features settled on Irish actor Jamie Dornan, after Charlie Hunnam — who was originally cast as the troubled billionaire — dropped out soon thereafter, citing scheduling conflicts with his television career.

The brand new Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t only show us the first images of the film, but it features an exclusive version of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love.” The singer added fuel to the excitement when she posted a short teaser of the full trailer on her Instagram.

Watch the Fifty Shades of Grey full trailer to listen to more of Beyonce’s exclusive version of “Crazy In Love.”

[Image via Focus Features Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer]