Horse Euthanized After Brutal Strangulation By Two Teens In Martinsburg

A beloved horse in Martinsburg, West Virginia has been euthanized after being tortured with strangulation by two teens. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is now on the hunt for the young men responsible for the heinous crime inflicted upon the retired polo horse.

The horse was named Catnip, and Kija Wilson was Catnip’s caregiver. Wilson was told by her neighbor that he saw two males running away from the horse on Monday afternoon. The horse was found with a towing strap around her neck. The strap was so tight that it had to be cut from the horse’s neck with a razor.

The young men were described as white teenagers about 5’5″-5’7″ with dark hair. The pair was last seen running from Wilson’s farm on the south side of Shepherdstown Road to the Opequon Bridge on Monday around 1:30 in the afternoon. The teens were running toward Diesel drive. Derek Wilson tried to run after the young men, according to Herald Mail. He sprained his ankle and injured his shoulder in pursuit of the suspects.

Martinsburg, West Virginia is asked to report information regarding the horse strangulation case.
Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is looking for two teen males believed to have strangled a horse. The horse was euthanized after injuries from the strangulation were too horrific.

After receiving care, Wilson told Your4State, “I actually cried. It was very sad to see her. She just looked really pathetic and was dripping sweat. Her eyes were both watering, so it looked like she was crying, and that was sad to watch as well.”

Catnip was the couple’s first horse and was very loved. According to WHAG News, the horse’s tongue was extremely swollen from being strangled and she could hardly breathe. She was unable to stand. Water had to be pumped into her stomach. The strangulation made her eyes swell shut. The Wilsons held out hope that her veterinary care might be successful, but the horse’s injuries were much too severe.

The Journal reported the breaking news Wednesday that Catnip had been euthanized under veterinary care.

Catnip’s caregivers hung fliers around Martinsburg offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest of the men who strangled their beloved horse.

Aside from the obvious horror of the horse’s suffering and the loss of a beloved animal, authorities are usually especially concerned about the potential for violence towards humans regularly found within animal abusers. Inquisitr reported previously about the grave concerns one community in Indiana are faced with after nearly 30 cats were tortured, murdered or missing.

Anyone with information about the horse’s strangulation should call the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office with any potential tips at (304) 267-7000 or the Berkeley County Crime Solvers at (304) 267-4999.

[Featured Image Via – Reward poster photo via WHAG News on Facebook]