Kaley Cuoco Poses With Puppy

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has been making the news a lot lately, especially with rumors going that she will be leaving the show that made her famous for a movie career–or possibly moving to the cast of the upcoming How I Met Your Mother spin-off How I Met Your Dad.

But not everything Kaley has done lately is a spicy rumor. In fact, Kaley is in the news today for something quite cuddly. It was reported last month that Cuoco had adopted a puppy. Well, today Kaley posted a picture to her Instagram showing off the adorable pup to share with her fans just how happy the pair is together.

Kaley kisses her new puppy.

As reported by Fashion Style, it seems Kaley is expanding her family very quickly. Cuoco recently got married to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, hyphenating her name. And now Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has added one more member, the pup she named Ruby.

Kaley adopted the dog after meeting her during a segment for E! News and instantly fell in love. After Kaley realized she couldn’t stop thinking about Ruby, she went back to the West Valley Animal Shelter and adopted the rescue pooch. On her Instagram post, Kaley had this to say about the dog:

“This one starred in our @enews segment and I couldn’t get her off my mind. So I went back and got her. Welcome to the family miss Ruby!!! Thank u west valley animal shelter for keeping her safe!”

According to Celebrity Gossip, shortly after she shared the picture of her snuggling Ruby, Kaley posted a picture of the puppy with her husband Ryan with the following caption:

“We are so in [love] with our new rescue! #ruby.”

According to E! Online, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting already had a dog when she adopted Ruby, but it seems the two are getting along just fine. Kaley calls the first puppy her “other love,” which doesn’t account for her hubby Ryan, but he doesn’t seem to mind. In another Instagram snapshot, Kaley shared a picture of both pups hanging out together without any trouble. The caption read; “Well looks like someone had no problem ‘adjusting.'”

Kaley with new puppy.

What do you think about Kaley Cuoco’s rapidly expanding family? Should Kaley be spending less time settling down with her “loves” and more time focusing on the Big Bang Theory? Let us know in the comments below!

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