Randy Orton Pulled Over By Florida Police, Arrogant WWE Star Avoids Being Arrested

Randy Orton was pulled over by police in the Florida Highway Patrol, although the WWE star really did not take it too seriously since he decided to take a selfie of himself leaning out the car window so viewers could see the cop car sitting behind him. So does Orton have a valid excuse, or is he just being arrogant?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Randy Orton recently lost in the four-way match at WWE Battleground 2014, where he faced off with Roman Reigns, Kane, and John Cena. Predictably, a certain someone with his moves of doom pulled off the win, but what had some people talking was the Superman Punch that Reigns pulled off:

As you can see, Roman’s punch to Kane’s head was so hard that even Orton managed to feel some of it. Still, I guess that’s better than having Dave Batista beat you for the belt as the story plot seemed to suggest was the plan earlier in the year.

Speaking of feeling some pain, Randy Orton suffered only a little when FHP decided the tinted windows in his vehicle was a wee bit too much. He immediately went to Instagram with this sarcastic comment:

“Really? Again? You’d think the State Hwy Patrol would have bigger fish to fry then me and my overly tinted windows.”

Wait a minute… again? I’m assuming he did not tell this directly to the cop’s face, of course, or we probably would have seen Randy Orton arrested. One of the reasons that Florida has a window tinting law is for the safety of police officers so they do not have to guess at what they’re dealing with when pulling over a suspect’s vehicle. A Visible Liight Transmission rating of 28 percent is also enforced because of safety concerns, especially night time driving, although Florida allows a window tint exception for people with illnesses which required limited exposure to light. Kane and Undertaker, take note (that’s a character joke, same as the title… I’m not seriously saying they have a disease).

At the same time, Randy Orton’s WWE career makes him a celebrity and, since this is Florida we’re talking about, he should be widely recognizable on the street or even when he’s driving a car. So it could be argued that he has a reason for such heavy window tinting, but a very good counter argument would remind everyone that being a celebrity does not exempt him from the law.

What do you think about Randy Orton casually blowing off the police on Instagram?