Shark Attack: 8-Year-Old Boy Bitten By Shark In Florida Waters

Another Florida shark attack took place, but this time it involved an 8-year-old boy who was in 3-foot deep water. WTHR 13 News reports that Aayden Crick, who had been vacationing with his family in Florida from Frankfort, Indiana, had been in the water for only five minutes when he felt a shark swim up and bite him. The incident took place at the beach in Brevard County, Florida. No one can say what kind of shark it was since everything happened so fast.

Crick shares:

"It, like, knocked me down and bit me and then it was gone."
Something like this has been the boy's mother's worst fear when he goes into the water. His mother, Michelle Jarman, says:
"It's been my biggest fear and I didn't have any fear going out there that that would happen. I talked to him more about riptides and things like that. He's more likely to win the lottery than get bit by a shark."
The shaken mom tells WESH-TV:
"I picked him up and just ran, and I'm with some friends down here, and I screamed for my friend's husband, 'Help him,' because I just really didn't know what to do."
Jarman recalls hearing Crick scream and when she turned around to see what was going on, Crick was "down in the water gripping his leg." She continues:
"He was just right there and I pulled him up and he was missing the bottom part of his-- little part of his knee."
Crick will be heading home to Frankfort on Friday if his recovery goes as planned.

WVTM 13 adds that Crick was attacked on the Indialantic boardwalk Monday.

In May a woman was bitten on the leg on Melbourne Beach. Only one shark attack in the county has been fatal in the last 100 years.

Crick shares that he's not in any hurry to get back into the water, however.

Florida is in the news a lot lately for shark attacks. Previous reports on The Inquisitr have covered several in the last few weeks. One about a man swimming with his family near some fisherman occurred last week, as well as one involving a 14-year-old who was surfing. Both suffered serious leg and foot lacerations that required hospitalizations. The teenager, for his part, isn't afraid to go back and surf after he heals from his shark attack.

[Image via WHTR 13 News]