Watch Jack White Cover Lorde’s ‘Royals’ And Die Sighing

Jack White, who has a proven history of making every cover magical no matter what, did a version of Lorde’s “Royals” earlier this week — and like, it’s almost impossible to come by a clip of this fantastic, amazing nonsense.

Putting aside Jack White being basically a man who possesses God-like powers, with capabilities to be both more talented and more attractive than any mere mortal, “Royals” is a pretty okay song.

Like, it’s not bad. Lorde… well, I only know that one but she’s good on it. It’s catchy and stuff.

And in the clip above, Jack — bathed in the blue light that he definitely seems to favor and that without a doubt favors him — plays at least fifteen seconds of “Royals.”

Jack White’s “Royals” cover is not the best cover of all time he’s ever done — that honor, of course, goes to “Jolene,” a song he stole from Dolly Parton forever and always by totally having sex with it and marrying it in a performance at Glastonbury like more than ten years ago or something:

Jack White covers have been making news this week as it was initially reported that the former White Stripes frontman did a “cover” of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems,” which was especially exciting considering we’ve all been waiting literal years for a Jack White/Jay-Z collab to see the light of day — and just liked any future White Stripes material, we learned after all that time that no release was forthcoming. Sigh.

So then all the music blogs said White covered Jay-Z and it was super exciting AND THEN it turned out to actually be just like one line, and not even in any sort of context. So it was kinda lame.

But above, in the clip, there are fifteen full seconds of Jack White covering Lorde’s “Royals,” which we are prepared to say counts as a cover. And a glorious one at that — totally making us hopeful more awesome covers will emerge from White as he tours this month.