California Man Arrested For Posing As Cop And Forcing Illegal Immigrants To Perform Sex Acts

Tara Dodrill

A California man was posing as a cop and coercing illegal immigrants to perform sex acts to avoid deportation, San Francisco police reports allege. Jeffrey Bugai, 35, was arrested for kidnapping with the intent to commit sexual assault while impersonating a police officer and is being held in county jail pending trial.

Jeffrey Bugai allegedly targeted illegal immigrants recently released into the public after crossing the Texas border from Central America. The San Francisco Police Department report also states that the illegal aliens spoke little English.

An excerpt from the police report about the California man posing as a police officer in order to trade sexual favors to freedom, reads:

"Bugai would mislead victims to believe he was a police officer and bring his victims to his home where he would administer intoxicants, coerce them, and/or force them into committing sexual acts."

The San Francisco man is also accused for handcuffing some of the illegal immigrants and threatening them with police retaliation or deportation if they did not comply. Local law enforcement officers are currently conducting an investigation to determine if there are more illegal immigrants who were targeted by Bugai and chose not to step forward and report the crime.

The man impersonating a police officer was reportedly known to frequent neighborhoods which are primarily Hispanic. Some of the San Francisco neighborhoods Bugai allegedly spent a significant amount of time in include the Mission District, Ingleside District, and the bay area blocks in Hayward and Oakland.

Jeffrey Bugai has been charged in two cases dating back to 2008, but San Francisco police officers suspect there are additional victims. In 1999 Bugai was prosecuted for impersonating a healthcare professional in Michigan. The judge set a $2.1 million bond in the case. If convicted Bugai could face life in prison.

"This is a nightmare scenario if I've ever heard of one. You have a person who's purporting to be a law enforcement officer and he's kidnapping people, allegedly," San Francisco County District Attorney's Office representative Alex Bastain said.

Bugai's landlord does not appear to be a fan of the accused. The property owner, who only spoke to the media on the condition of anonymity said:

"Put an ad out for a room for rent and you never know what you're going to get. My wife's Latin-American. He sent an email saying that he condoned killing all illegal aliens. He would harass all the other tenants, like verbally. [Burgai allegedly threatened to arrest the landlord.] I asked him, 'How could you arrest me - you're not even a police officer.' We were in the process of evicting him, and now he's in jail. So obviously, hopefully, he's not coming back, and we'll get resolution from that."

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