WikiLeaks Releases Thousands Of Previously Unpublished Diplomatic Cables

WikiLeaks has released thousands of unpublished American diplomatic cables, compiling them into a searchable database that includes more than 250,000 leaked State Department reports.

Typically WikiLeaks has only released files in small batches and this recent mass upload move is being seen by some outlets as a gasp of air for WikiLeaks which has recently become a secondary story for media outlets who have chosen to report on more pressing and important matters.

The move is also likely in retaliation to the realization that the sites internet host Dynadot had complied with a Patriot Act order to produce information about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Federal prosecutors also are said to have asked for “customer or subscriber account information” that relates to Assange, Wikileaks and other matters related to the leaking of classified documents since November 2010.

Where do you stand on the issue of WikiLeaks and the use of the Patriot Act to gather information about the sites founder?