8-Year-Old Boy Helps His Disabled Brother Complete A Triathlon

An 8-year-old boy helped his disabled brother complete a triathlon. Noah Aldrich said his little brother Lucas is his best friend. When Noah decided to participate in a YMCA Kids Club triathlon, he refused to compete without his brother. Although Lucas is unable to talk or walk, he finished the triathlon with Noah by his side.

Using specially designed equipment, Noah and Lucas trained for the event — together. Although it was not easy, neither boy was willing to give up.

Lucas Aldrich suffers with a debilitating disorder called lissencephaly. The genetic condition is characterized by the absence of convolutions, or folds, in the brain.

Common symptoms can include abnormal appearance of the head, face, fingers, and toes. Patients commonly suffer with difficulty swallowing, seizures, and mental retardation. As there is no cure, children with lissencephaly usually have a shortened life span.

Despite the grim prognosis, Alissa Aldrich said her son has an active and fulfilling lifestyle:

“He’s been on a plane ride, a 4-wheeler ride, adaptive skiing, he got a Make-a-Wish trip of a lifetime, he got to go to Disney World He does everything with us, and we want him to experience everything in life.”

As reported by Today, one of Lucas’ greatest joys is spending time with his big brother. Brian Aldrich said his sons “definitely have a special bond.” Although Lucas has faced many challenges, Noah said his little brother is “perfect.”

In addition to being a loving companion, Noah also helped his disabled brother complete a triathlon. As the race included swimming, biking, and running, Noah and Lucas used special equipment throughout the course.

During the swimming competition, Noah swam 200 meters while pulling his brother in an inflatable raft. In the second portion, Noah rode his bicycle three miles — towing Lucas in a special trailer. In the final portion of the triathlon, Noah ran one mile while pushing his brother in a cart.

Lucas And Noah Running

Alissa said “it was really exciting to watch them and a little nerve wracking as parents, but they did so good.” Although she had concerns, Alissa said she was proud of both sons for their participation in the event.

For everyone involved, the brothers’ relationship and their motivation is a true inspiration. For many children, competing in a triathlon would be incredible challenge. Not only did Noah participate in the competition, he and his disabled brother completed the triathlon together.

[Image via NBC]