Bus Driver Tragically Killed By Doors Of His Bus As He Tried To Fix them

A bus driver was tragically killed by the folding doors of his bus while he was trying to fix them. The driver, 50-year-old Darren Morley from Greater Manchester in the U.K., was found by a passing dog walker.

The Coroner who dealt with the case, Jennifer Leeming, said that on-board CCTV footage shows Mr Morley getting out of his cab to investigate before the doors close on him. According to a pathologist, Morley died from compression of the neck, and the injuries to his body indicated his desperate struggle to get free.

Amanda Bowdler was the dog walker who discovered Morley’s body near to the bus depot in Bryn. She spoke to reporters about the day when she discovered him:

“I saw a bus parked up in the lay-by. All the lights were on but the driver wasn’t sitting in his seat and I knew something was wrong. I have seen buses parked there before. I went past and doubled backed and that’s when I saw Mr Morley trapped in the doors of the bus. He showed no signs of life. I ran in the middle of the road and flagged a lorry driver down. He felt Mr Morley’s neck and thought he was dead.”

Mr Morley’s partner, Angela Connor, paid tribute to him in a statement, saying he was “family-orientated” and “provided for all his family through hard work and did whatever needed to provide for them financially and emotionally.”

The statement referred to the night when she found out she had lost her partner:

“Unfortunately later that evening the police attended to inform me that Darren had passed away and I later became aware that he had become trapped in the doors in Bryn. Darren will be missed by all who came to know him, especially me, his children, his family and his friends. He was a wonderful person. I’m devastated by his death and wonder how I will cope.”