European Foreign Ministers Condemn Rise In Anti-Semitism: Are Jews Still The World’s Scapegoat?

Various European foreign ministers have come out in a unified condemnation of the sharp rise in anti-semitism witnessed in a number of European countries since the latest Hamas war against Israel began.

Ministers from Germany, France and Italy strongly condemned the rise in anti-Semitic based protests seen since the Gaza conflict erupted just over two weeks ago. They have promised to do whatever they can to reverse the racist trend in their respective countries.

A joint statement issued in Brussels by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, France’s Laurent Fabius and Italy’s Federica Mogherini said: “Anti-Semitic rhetoric and hostility against Jews, attacks on people of Jewish belief and synagogues have no place in our societies.”

The types of spontaneous violence and mass, hate-filled demonstrations that have taken place across European cities over the last few weeks have been reminiscent, in many ways, of the atmosphere in Europe before the Second World War, and Jews feel more and more under threat.

The worrying thing about the latest trend of violence against Jews in Europe is that it is led by another ethnic minority, and not by the European nationals or far-right wing parties. On the contrary, the whole movement is heavily funded by extreme left-wing organizations such as Stop the War Coalition, Free Palestine and Amnesty International.

Muslim’s are predominant in the protests, and although much larger in terms of numbers than Europe’s Jewish communities, have themselves been residing in Europe for considerably less time than Jews. The organizations cynically use the freedom of speech rights extended to them in Europe to exploit their agenda, something they do not enjoy “back home” in virtually all Muslim states.

The organizations are smart and have no lack of support from the “useful idiots” who go along with whatever is being said as long as it includes a good helping of Jew hate. All of the old Holocaust style images of the “demonic blood-thirsty Jew” are back in action, as you can see for yourself below.

Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews, said that current levels of anti-semitism in Europe are reminiscent of the Holocaust:

“We are currently experiencing in this country an explosion of evil and violent hatred of Jews, which shocks and dismays all of us. We would never in our lives have thought it possible anymore that anti-Semitic views of the nastiest and most primitive kind can be chanted on German streets. We demand clear and loud condemnations from politicians, the media and civil society against the hatred in the country that perpetrated the Holocaust. Jews are once again openly threatened in Germany and sometimes attacked, synagogues are being defaced and declared as targets.”

Some of the worst riots have taken place in France where large numbers of Muslim youths attacked a synagogue in a scene reminiscent of “Kristallnacht.” Jews were also randomly attacked on the streets. The director of the European office on anti-Semitism of the American Jewish Committee in Brussels, Stephan Kramer, said:

“We have reached a new level of hatred and violence in all of Europe that cannot even be compared to the anti-Semitism seen during previous conflicts in Israel. It needs to be made very clear that violence is not an appropriate means of protesting.”

Here is a picture of a placard being held up at a protest in Berlin, Germany – a country whose citizens were complicit in the murder of six million Jews only 70 years ago. It depicts the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, as a blood-sucking vampire feasting on the blood of a Palestinian child.

Those Jews of a certain generation are feeling a dreadful sense of Deja-vu. As George Santayana famously remarked: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Now, it is only the Jews who remember the past, and THEY are not going to repeat playing the victim.

For them, 2000 years of persecution is enough!