Ghostbusters 3: Dan Aykroyd Drops Major Announcement About Movie, Reminisces About Original

Ghostbusters 3 is finally and officially moving forward after months of rumors about the long-awaited movie’s production.

During a trip to the Today show, Dan Aykroyd announced that filming is set to start in early 2015.

“It looks like we’ll be in pre-production in the spring now, from what I’m hearing,” he told Carson Daly. “It should be good.”

For fans waiting for Ghostbusters 3, the confirmation is a welcome change to the rumors that had surrounded production. Reports last fall indicated that filming was going to start in early 2014 in Cleveland though that was eventually debunked.

It has often looked like Ghostbusters 3 might never come together. Aykroyd first started talking about the movie in 2012, but during that time one of the original co-stars, Harold Ramis, passed away, and fellow co-star Bill Murray announced he wasn’t interested in participating in the third movie.

But now there is a solid date attached to the movie, which made Akyroyd a bit nostalgic about the original. During his Today visit, he took the chance to reminisce about filming of the original Ghostbusters, before fans knew just how popular the series would become.

“The first day we went out and were stealing shots all over Manhattan. No permits, nothing,” he said. But when the actors strapped on their big ghostbusting “rigs,” he said, “it was pandemonium. Because people didn’t know what we were yet. And here we are with the packs and the tube, that green tube that we have there. You know what that’s for?”

He paused, and nodded knowingly, “When you see a ghost, you get scared, sometimes you lose it….”

Though Dan Aykroyd’s announcement is a major step forward for Ghostbusters 3, there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the movie. There few details about the cast or plot, and a movie profile on IMDB simply lists Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman as producers, with nothing more.

Even fellow Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson, who played as Winston Zeddemore, confirmed that many parts of the film process seem to be up in the air following Ramis’ death:

“I think we’re going to start shooting in the fall, or maybe the spring…once again, it kind of changes a bit…and I’m always reluctant to say anything because they tell me one thing and then it doesn’t happen. It’s unfortunate, you know, Harold is not here. Harold was the glue…he was amazing. He was an icon. So you’re going to get a Ghostbusters, but obviously it’s going to be a Ghostbusters without Harold. It’s going to be different. So it has to be original and it has to be something that is worth all the 30 years of waiting.”

But now at the very least there is confirmation that Ghostbusters 3 is planned and finally moving forward.

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