‘Ghostbusters 3’ Plot And Filming Schedule Keeps Changing

The Ghostbusters 3 plot and movie filming schedule keeps shifting around, with every year bringing in a new conflicting report or a rumor about some change or another.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, although we do know that Harold Ramis’ death delayed the Ghostbusters 3 release date, it’s also claimed that filming will start in 2015 based upon the assumption the film will be using the director who made The Lego Movie.Sigourney Weaver claims that Ghostbusters 3 will feature her son, Oscar, as a new member of the Ghostbusters cast.

To put this all in perspective, Ernie Hudson, who played as Winston Zeddemore, confirmed that many parts of the film process seem to be up in the air:

“I think we’re going to start shooting in the fall, or maybe the spring…once again, it kind of changes a bit…and I’m always reluctant to say anything because they tell me one thing and then it doesn’t happen. It’s unfortunate, you know, Harold is not here. Harold was the glue…he was amazing. He was an icon. So you’re going to get a Ghostbusters, but obviously it’s going to be a Ghostbusters without Harold. It’s going to be different. So it has to be original and it has to be something that is worth all the 30 years of waiting.”

There were also rumors that screenwriter Max Landis would do the Ghostbusters 3 screenplay, or at least put some polish to the plot, but unfortunately he took to Twitter to deny those rumors:

“Hey guys, it pains me to say this, but you know I pride myself on being straight up person. Zero truth to the Ghostbusters report. Frankenstein, Me Him Her, American Ultra and Mr. Right come out next year. Working on things at Uni and Sony, and indies. GB3, sadly, no. What might have happened is they saw the rad Frankenstein thing and my name was brought up, but it being reported has probably f***ed me. (If it was ever real at all) (which it might have been) (I hope) The weirdest thing is it appears the big properties I have put in work on remain secret, yet Wonder Woman and Ghostbusters get reported? I guess that’s just the industry man. Something strange in the neighborhood. Probably a lot of people relieved, and probably a lot of people disappointed. Count me among both camps.”

Of course, Landis could not but help himself and he decided to tweet out what a Ghostbusters 3 opening scene would like if the rumors had been true:

“Haha a bunch of people asking what my Ghostbusters 3 pitch would’ve been. I never had a full one, just a skeleton I’ve goofed around with. My Ghostbusters 3 began in the 1920s with Ivo Shandor murdering a gluttonous associate to protect his cult after he has a moral objection. Shandor tells the overweight man that nothing can stop the coming of Gozer; first, the gate will open in 1984, then again twenty years later. The fat man, who now has all the details of Shandor’s plans, threatens to go to the police, and Shandor poisons him. As Shandor escapes, we see that we’re in the Sedgewick Hotel, and that the guy we just saw die……Is Slimer. Cue theme. Show title.”

Considering all the delays, I’ve also seen articles where people say Ghostbusters 3 does not need to be made. Others would prefer a reboot at this point since the original actors are aging, and some major figures would not even be part of the film project at all.

What would you like to see for the Ghostbusters 3 plot?

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