Jimmy Kimmel Shows Off Photos Of Daughter Jane

Looks like late night host Jimmy Kimmel is in full on daddy mode. It’s only been a little under two weeks since his wife Molly McNearney has given birth to their daughter. Up until know there was very little we knew about Jimmy’s daughter, but it seems like he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to introduce his bundle of joy to the world.

Kimmel revealed his daughter’s name was Jane, and from the looks of it she’s as cute as a button. Kimmel started the top of the show with a little comedy infused with the big baby announce, saying

“We’ve been off work for the last two weeks. We’ve actually been on vacation. I got a lot done. I painted a mirror in my house. I grew this beard. Oh, and I had a baby also. My wife and I made a baby. You know how we did it? We made it out of sex.”

Kimmel continued to give out the details in regards to baby Jane’s birth while keeping his signature comedic style in tact. Jimmy revealed that they decided to name the baby after Jimmy’s grandmother.

“My wife is doing fine. I’m fine, too. I was so brave. I cried a little but I didn’t scream. You guys would’ve been very proud of me. We had a little girl. We named her after my grandmother—her name is Grandma Kimmel. No, we named her Jane.”

Then the cuteness overload came when Jimmy followed that up by sharing photos of his daughter Jane Kimmel as he gave a colorful commentary.

Jimmy Kimmel's daughter

“Freshly out of the womb. Do you know they come out wearing clown makeup? It’s the weirdest thing. She went a little bit heavy on the foundation.”

Jane Kimmel

Time to dress up little baby Jane in a big bow. Of her new accessory, Kimmel joked:

“She’s drunk as a skunk right there.”

The host added that her head is “the size of a plum.”

Jane wasn’t the only child he was interested in talking about. Kimmel also has a much older daughter and son.

“I have a 22-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son already, but it’s interesting how much you forget. Did you know they don’t eat pizza at this age?”

Jimmy Kimmel and Jane

Molly McNearney and Jimmy dated two years and became engaged in August of 2012. The pair were married in July of 2013 and welcomed their first daughter Jane on July 10. Kimmel shares son Kevin and daughter Katherine with his ex wife Gina Maddy.

Watch the host talk about Jane here:

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