Biloxi Police Chase Fleeing Man, In A Panic He Attempts To Hide In Law Enforcement Academy

A Biloxi Mississippi man is in hot water after fleeing from the cops on U.S. 90 following a traffic stop. The man, Roger Wayne Beasley Jr., 30, was so intent on getting away that he unknowingly and unintentionally ran into a local law enforcement training facility.

Roger Wayne Beasley Jr. was driving along U.S. 90 in Biloxi and was recognized by a local police officer. The officer knew that Beasley Jr. did not have a valid driver’s license and decided to pull him over. Beasley Jr. pulled onto a Chalmers Drive and promptly exited his vehicle, initiating his run from the police officer.

The Officer exited his vehicle and began to chase after Roger Wayne Beasley Jr. To his surprise, Beasley Jr. ran toward the Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy. Training for the Academy was in session and Beasley Jr. was promptly arrested for his misdeed.

Robin Fitzgerald, of the Herald Sun, stated:

“Caught up in trying to flee, Roger Wayne Beasley Jr., 30, failed to notice the marked cars parked outside of his would-be sanctuary. The Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy building was filled with officers in training.”

Police Chief John Miller shared his recap of the apprehension:

“He got to the door and was about to go through. He was outnumbered.”

Upon being arrested, Beasley Jr. was credited with multiple charges including resisting arrest, careless driving, possession and intent to distribute crack cocaine, driving without a license, improper lane changing, and disorderly conduct. Beasley Jr.paid the bail and was released until a trial is scheduled. The bond was set for $51,670.

Roger Wayne Beasley Jr. has not released a comment regarding his unusual actions. However, criminals have proven, time and time again, that in the heat of the moment, a poor decision can lead to time behind bars.