Big Bang Theory: Creator Chuck Lorre Thinks Cast Deserves $1 Million Per Episode

The Big Bang Theory creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre thinks the show’s cast deserves the giant paychecks they’ve been seeking.

Stars Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Jim Parsons, and Johnny Galecki are negotiating their contracts for the upcoming eighth season, and sources close to the negotiations say the trio is seeking $1 million per episode.

The three are expected to be working together to negotiate with Warner Bros. Television. They are currently making $325,000 per episode.

While some insiders fear that the contract negotiations could push back production of the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory, Lorre said he believes everything will work itself out.

The Big Bang Theory cast and creators.
The Big Bang Theory cast and creators.

“It will be fine,” Lorre said, adding that “Warner Brothers has done this before.” The actors had another close process in 2010, when new deals were inked just before production was to begin.

“Everybody should be very successful and happy and rich,” Lorre added. “They earned it. It’s a great cast. Great cast. It’s their time.”

Chuck Lorre isn’t the only one confident that cast negotiations will work themselves out. CBS president Nina Tassler also said she thinks the cast will be able to reach a deal.

“We’re feeling very confident that everything will work out,” she said. “These deals manage to get done miraculously somehow year after year.”

But many fans and insiders are worried that The Big Bang Theory could be affected. The series ended its seventh season on a cliffhanger, with Sheldon (Parsons) about to board a train and feeling overwhelmed with the changes in his life.

Big Bang Theory: Creator Chuck Lorre Thinks Cast Deserves $1 Million Per Episode

Show runner Steve Molaro said the finale and the start of Season 8 were written with the assumption that all the stars would be back on board.

“We’re making the best episodes that we can come up with,” Molaro said. “I have to move forward assuming everyone is going to be there. I have no reason to think they won’t be. That wasn’t a factor.”

If the stars want to avoid pushing back production on The Big Bang Theory, they may need a decision soon on their $1 million per episode demands. Production for Season 8 is slated to begin in one week.

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