Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Dutch Embassy In Moscow Becomes Site Of Memorial As Russians Ask For Forgiveness

While Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to take any responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, Russian citizens have stepped up in their own way and met the tragedy with an outpouring of love and sorrow in the form of memorial tributes for the MH17 victims and their families.

One such memorial has been growing in front of the Dutch Embassy in Moscow with tributes of flowers, stuffed animals, and even a sign asking for forgiveness, flowing from the hearts of Russian citizens as the finger pointing between governments around the world and Putin’s Russia escalate.

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Russian citizens have been creating memorial tributes in front of Dutch Embassies in honor of the victims of the downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. The Woman’s sign reads “PUTIN TERRORIST.”

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was blown out of the sky by a surface to air missile in Donetsk on Thursday, killing all 298 souls aboard, and 193 of those 298 were Dutch citizens, reports CNN.

As for who downed MH17, the United States is casting blame toward Moscow for supporting the pro-Russian rebels that are suspected of firing the lethal missile. Russia, meanwhile, says MH17 being shot down is not their fault, with Vladimir Putin blaming Ukraine’s military for the tragedy because of their actions against the Russian supported rebels.

Putin says he wants a “thorough and objective” investigation of the MH17 tragedy, but if actions speak louder than words, then the current contamination and debacle that is the MH17 crash site places Putin’s lack of initiative in the cross hairs of many, including Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, and the Russian people paying tribute to the MH17 victims.


Rutte reportedly had a “very intense” conversation with Vladimir Putin on Saturday, during which he says he told Putin that “the opportunity expires to show the world that he is serious about helping.”

Among the heartrending tributes in front of the Dutch Embassy in Moscow was a drawing of a plane breaking up in the sky with a caption reading, clearly from a child’s hand, “children should not die.”

One of those paying tribute in front of the Dutch Embassy in Moscow was Yuri Yemshanov, who told CNN it was hard to believe his country was involved in MH17’s being shot down:

“I think there’s lot of proof that we’re in closer relations and connections with the separatists in Ukraine. I suppose it’s clearly understood that we support them by providing weapons, and so I think it doesn’t matter who launched that rocket. Just because we’re supporting terrorists, we’re involved.”

Mr. Yemshanov’s wife, Marina, agreed, saying, “I think there should be investigation, but of course many things are understood now and we probably could know who did this. Now I think it’s time to say I’m sorry for these people.”

The International Business Times reports that there has also been a large turnout of Ukrainians at the Dutch embassy in Kiev, paying tribute to the senselessly lost victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

Among the messages left at this memorial was one that read: “Putin is a terrorist.”

All Dutch flags flew at half-mast following the MH17 tragedy as per the direction of Dutch Prime Minister Rutte.

“The whole of the Netherlands is in mourning,” said Prime Minister Rutte. “This beautiful summer day has ended in the blackest possible way.”

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