Niall Horan Pays Touching Tribute To Fan, Creates Twitter Trend #RIPLeah

Niall Horan has solely created a new trend on Twitter-in order to pay tribute to a fan of his who recently passed away.

Niall Horan and the rest of his One Direction have no shortage of fans and several of them are fighting terminal illnesses. The 1D boys are known for taking great measures to be accessible to their fans, especially those who are terminal. Recently, Niall befriended one such fan who was battling a rare and advanced form of kidney cancer.

Unfortunately, his young friend Leah Hession, 6, gave up her battle recently passed away.

The Irish Mirror reports that when the news of Leah’s passing reached him, Niall took to his Twitter account with the following message:

RIP Leah, it was an honour to have met you! Very brave young lady! Thoughts are with Leah’s family at this time!

Since sharing his touching tribute on Twitter, other 1D fans began tweeting out their condolences using the hashtag #RIPLeah and shortly thereafter, another string of trends began with #NiallAppreciationDay, where fans would pour out the adoration for Niall Horan.

In other news, Niall and the rest of the One Direction boys have recently released a super racy video to promote the new 1D fragrance called “You & I”. The new fragrance is due out on August 6th, Hollywood Life reports. Each of the members of One Direction simultaneously posted the trailer/teaser to their respective social media accounts yesterday.

The new fragrance is the group’s third in a series of fragrances. “Our Moment” and “That Moment” are the other two fragrances that Niall and the rest of the One Direction boys have dreamed up.

The new fragrance comes in a sleek diamond bottle and the cap holds a special surprise. Each “You & I” fragrance will also come with a ring, which is hidden in the lining of the cap. Not only can 1D fans smell great, they get a little piece of bling for good measure.

Harry Styles of One Direction

Recently Harry Styles, Niall’s 1D band mate has also been making headlines as rumors swirl about his intent to leave the group to pursue solo interests. He has released an official statement saying that “I’m 100 per cent in this band. I still want to be touring with One Direction in ten years. I’ll be doing it until I’m old and people are telling me to stop.”

Fans can breath a sigh of relief. For now.