Justin Bieber Diss? Selena Gomez Shrugs It Off With Cara Delevingne In Bikinis On Billionaire’s Boat

Justin Bieber sent his former girlfrend Selena Gomez an eve of 22nd birthday present she could probably do without. The heartthrob publicly called Guess model Danielle Knudson “Stunning” on Instagram after Selena was given that compliment by model Andre Hamann just a few days ago.

If anyone needed proof that Justin Bieber is paying very close attention to Selena Gomez’s Instagram, on Monday the Canadian star appeared to diss his on-again, off-again girlfriend just before her 22nd birthday.

This is in addition to Justin supposedly dating 18-year-old fitness model, Yovanna Ventura, and recently blitzing his social media pages with cozy photos of the pair.

Late Monday, Justin posted an Instagram photo below of Guess model Danielle Knudson.

So far, so standard. Bieber also recently reposted a lingerie photo of rumored former gal pal, Ashley Moore.

But, it’s the pop prince’s caption that reveals Justin seems to be jealous over a compliment paid to Selena recently by a male model.

“Who is this Guess Model. She’s stunning,” Justin teased, alongside Knudson’s photo.

Justin Bieber Gives Selena Gomez One Helluva Birthday Present

(Photo via Instagram: Reposted by Justin Bieber, captioned: “Who is this Guess model? She’s stunning.”)

While Bieber and Gomez ‘s fans and media outlets caught the sarcasm which was intended for Selena, meanwhile, Danielle and Wilhelmina Models gushed unknowingly on social media over the superstar’s not-quite-what-it-seemed appreciation.

Taking to Instagram, 2014 Spring Campaign Guess model Danielle reposted Justin’s snap of her, saying: “#Repost from @justinbieber Thanks for the shout out my fellow Canadian.”

So why is the “Baby” singer’s “stunning” Instagram message suspicious?

Let’s rewind.

On Saturday, July 19, German model Andre Hamann posted an Instavid of himself playing a guitar to Selena, while she was in Italy at the Ischia Film and Music Festival to promote her latest film, Rudderless.

Selena replied on Andre’s account, writing, “Thank you ) made my night,” also including a blushing-face emoji.

But here’s the kicker:

A day later Andre tweeted Selena a picture of herself simply captioned “Stunning.”

He then boldly tweeted: “i definitely have a crush on her,” before posting romantic lines from a “fav poem.”

Notably, Hamann – who just so happens to also be bilingual, boasts a buff, tattooed body and also co-owns a clothing company – appears to be making a serious play for Gomez.

So is Justin’s ego offended by Hamann’s interest and jealous, or is he trying to tell Selena he wants her back now that someone else might be in with a chance?

After all, Bieber and Gomez attempted a reunion in June and went on a slew of public dates. It fizzled out after Bieber picked up his tryst with Yovanna, and made sure everyone knew it by flooding his social media accounts with photos.

Justin reportedly met Yovanna through Instagram months ago and first met her physically in March.

For her part, Selena isn’t publicly showing that Justin’s diss is getting to her.

Well, apart from having a handsy moment with a paparazzo, as seen in the video above.

After leaving Italy on Sunday, the then still 21-year-old hit Saint-Tropez, France on Monday to yacht on billionaire Alshair Fiyaz’s luxe Ecstasea, with gal pals including supermodel Cara Delevingne. On disembarking, Selena took exception to one of the paps trailing while barking her name and reached out to push him away.

It seemed like a light push.

Selena wore a white one-piece covered with a black and white striped kaftan, later changing into a retro two-piece,and didn’t look as if she intended to let anything get in the way of her partying based on photos.

It’s unlikely Justin is going to sweep in at this last stage as he did for Selena’s last birthday. But even though Jelena seems to be well and truly dead, there’s still one reason to celebrate today.

Happy 22nd Birthday Selena Gomez!

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Selena Gomez

(Photo: Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne ham it up in Saint-Tropez arriving on the eve of the Spring Breaker actress’ 22nd birthday.)

Selena Gomez

(Photo: Selena was spotted on the eve of her birthday hitting up nightspot Villa Romana with Cara.)

Selena Gomez Hits France

(Photo: Selena celebrating her 22nd birthday with Cara on a billionaire’s yacht in Saint-Tropez, France.)

Selena Gomez in a white swimsuit

(Photo: Justin Bieber who? Selena wearing a beautiful black and white Kaftan over her white swimsuit, retro outfit below on Monday, July 21.)

Selena Gomez

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