Man Eats 70-Year-Old Meat, Says It Was “No Delicacy”

Eskil Carlsson may have claimed a world record this week when he opened a can of beef his parents-in-law had been saving since World War II and then ate it.

According to Carlsson the jar was stored since World War II rationing was in place and then it stayed closed just in case “the bad times returned.”

Carlsson says he rediscovered the jar 10 years after rationing ended and “the family had developed respect for the jar, that it had stayed sealed. We talked about it from time to time and it became like a member of the family.”

After his wife died Carlsson says the meat waited long enough to be eaten so he cracked open the jar and invited over all his neighbors to help him consume the meaty treat.

When asked how it tasted Eskil said “It didn’t smell much,” while adding, “I shouldn’t exaggerate though, it was no delicacy.”