Justin Bieber’s ‘Loud’ Partying Delights Those Desperate For Probation Violation, Jail

This is going to be a long, long two years for Justin Bieber if the police are called out every time he has a loud party, and possibly risks violating his probation and jail time.

It’s almost as if no-one can remember being 20.

The Inquistir can confirm Justin Bieber threw a rooftop penthouse party at his Beverly Hills condo Saturday night, and we are enquiring to find out how gravely the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office may take a noise disturbance citation by the singer in terms of his probation sentence.

In a somewhat breathless report TMZ allege Bieber’s “freedom is on the line” after neighbors complained four times about “loud music” coming from the pop star’s pad this weekend.

Patrol cars reportedly responded at 8:30 pm, 12:50 am, 1:50 am and 3:00 am. Two further incidents also reportedly occurred which were out of the Biebs’ control. Namely, paparazzi and fans standing outside the singer’s condo making noise and perhaps obstructing access.

Despite the alleged noise — which is likely, based on past neighbor complaints over partying and reported marijuana aroma in communal areas near Bieber’s two rented units — the Los Angeles Times reports the “Baby” singer wasn’t cited but was given verbal warnings.

The crucial issue is Bieber’s two-year probation term.

If Bieber is cited at some inevitable future date by Beverly Hills police for noise, drugs or any other matter, the Los Angeles County Probation Department is reportedly notified. This could “trigger a probation violation” and jail.

In fact, any violations due to citations, arrests and/or crimes, could find the Canadian singer cooling his high-tops in the slammer. Hopefully, it’s been made very clear to Bieber that jail is not somewhere he wants to go, for obvious and not at all funny reasons.

Justin pleaded no contest through a lawyer to one count of misdemeanor vandalism on July 10 in a case in which he was accused of egging his former neighbor’s California residence on January 9 which reportedly caused over $20,000 damages.

Terms of the plea bargain are two years probation, five days of community service, $80,900 restitution, and 12 weeks of anger management. Bieber has also been ordered to stay away from his former neighbor and his family for two years.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Justin Bieber Instagram, singer reportedly at risk of violating probation and jail over “loud” parties.)

Dmitry Gorin, a former prosecutor who is now a defense attorney believes the terms of the singer’s plea deal were a “slap on the wrist.” He previously told the Los Angeles Times that the charge suggested the deal was worked out between Bieber’s legal and L.A. prosecutors, possibly through a pre-filing intervention.

No doubt Justin’s lawyers would have tried to get the probation reduced. The fact that he still has a two-year sentence suggests prosecutors wouldn’t hesitate to uphold a violation.

However, it’s probably worth holding up on a posse round-up for Bieber just yet. Earlier this month, TMZ claimed the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) at Bieber’s condo hired security guards to keep the singer “in check” at night after complaints following a previous party.

But while E! News confirmed the HOA said it was adding extra security for all the residents, a HOA rep told E! it had not hired security to specifically control Justin’s activities.

Previously we mused Bieber’s team could liaise with his neighbors and provide them with an appropriate phone contact of someone in his crew. Then, if and when a situation arises they have another option other than calling the cops. But, apparently no-one on Justin’s team can put out fires before they happen.

Justin is glad to get this matter resolved and behind him,” a spokesperson for the superstar said after he was charged. “He will continue to move forward focusing on his career and his music.”

Just don’t “focus” on that music too loudly Biebs. Some sad folk want you to violate probation and taste jail, real bad.