Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Guards Perform ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song Proving She’s Cool

Queen Elizabeth’s guards have always been perceived as quite serious and devoid of any emotion. Hence it was quite a surprise to see them belt out the theme song of Game of Thrones on the street outside Buckingham Palace.

Clearly outshining any Game of Thrones fan out there, Queen Elizabeth had a special treat from her Guard of Honor. During the ritualistic “Change of Guard,” the ever-serious and disciplined Guard performed the theme song of the hit HBO series for Queen Elizabeth and anyone who cared to watch and listen, reported The Huffington Post. Apart from being a delight for the Queen, it must have also been a pleasure for the guards who are otherwise camped out and regimented into the same routine day after day.

The guards have traditionally been perceived as a very strict bunch of royal sentries who are devoid of any emotion. Tourists from across the globe have merrily taken photos with the guards, and their trademark uniform has sold millions of “tin soldiers” across the world. The most prominent feature of their uniform has to undoubtedly be their large black hats.

It’s indeed refreshing to see rigid and stoic government figures having some fun with their jobs once in a while, and do it in a way that can connect with so many different people. This is especially true considering the fact that that Game of Thrones is a hugely popular and widely watched TV series. The fact that Queen Elizabeth is clearly an avid fan will help her connect even more with her flock.

The footage, shot last week and uploaded to YouTube by Omer Barnea, shows the uniformed guardsmen soldiers playing the show’s theme during the changing of the guard. Strongly defying the common public perception that they don’t have a sense of humor, the guard of honor for Queen Elizabeth performed a mean rendition of the show’s catchy theme, reported The Celebrity Café.

Queen Elizabeth’s guards are better known for their ability to keep a straight face than for surprising crowds with pop culture references, but in GoT’s defense it is indeed a harsher version of the colonial times with queens and kings.

The performance of the guard could be in direct relation to Queen Elizabeth’s recent visit to the show’s set. Hence choosing the Game of Thrones theme song seems like a no brainer given the regally dressed guards and Buckingham Palace backdrop.

[Image Credit | INFphoto.com]