Three Teens Arrested In Albuquerque Homeless Killings

Three teens were arrested in the brutal deaths of two homeless men in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The homeless killings shocked the community, as both men were beaten to death. Authorities confirmed Alex Rios, age 18, and two minors, ages 15 and 16, were arrested and charged with murder.

On Saturday morning, authorities discovered the two bodies in an open field. According to reports, both men were “nearly unrecognizable” due to the severity of their wounds. A third victim, Jerome Eskeets, was also injured in the attack. However, his wounds were not life-threatening.

During a police interview, Eskeets identified one of the attackers. When authorities responded to the suspect’s home, they found all three teens. The homeowner identified the younger boys as brothers and Rios as their friend.

Although they initially denied involvement, the boys eventually confessed to the homeless killings. Albuquerque authorities said the boys admitted beating the men with cinder blocks, wooden planks, and a fence pole.

As reported by ABC News, the attacks were premeditated. Prior to the assault, the teens “covered their faces with black t-shirts” to cloak their identities. It is unclear what motivated the homeless killings. However, the 16 and 15-year-old suspects stated that they “wanted to look for someone to beat up and possibly rob.”

Although the younger suspects admitted their involvement, Rios denied attacking the homeless men. In an interview with police, the 18-year-old said he served as a lookout while the other boys committed the crime. The brothers argued that Rios participate in the attacks.

During interrogation, the 15-year-old suspect also revealed that he and the two others had beaten several homeless men throughout region. It is unclear whether the boys killed, or simply injured, their prior victims. Authorities are currently reviewing unresolved cases to identify any similarities.

As reported by Hutch News, Rios was arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and two counts of murder. Prosecutors are exploring the possibility of charging the younger teens as adults.

Albuquerque authorities are still attempting to identify the victims in the latest homeless killings. As both men were disfigured in the assault, it will be difficult to confirm their identity. Anyone with information about the attack, or the victims, is encouraged to contact local law enforcement or any social service organization.

The Albuquerque community is devastated by the homeless killings. They are further disturbed, as the brutal attacks were committed by three teens.

[Image via KOB]