Taco Bell Declares Victory Over McDonald’s In Fast Food Breakfast War

Taco Bell believes it has won the so-called “breakfast war” that began after the fast food chain decided to start peddling eggs, bacon, and sausage to the masses.

Although your opinion of Taco Bell’s foray into breakfast will most certainly vary, the restaurant firmly believes they have emerged victorious in the battle for your early-morning dollar. According to the Christian Science Monitor, Yum! Brands CEO David Novak seems confident that McDonald’s reign is slowly coming to an end.

This declaration of victory arrived during a recent Q2 earnings call. While McDonald’s has yet to unveil just how much money it made during the aforementioned time period, this isn’t stopping Taco Bell from planting its flag at the top of Mount Breakfast.

Novak explained:

“Our breakfast day part mix [is] around 7 percent of sales in the second quarter. We fully expect breakfast to be incremental and [bring] anywhere from $70,000 to $120,000 per unit in annualized sales. And for the long term there is no question we’ve enhanced our brand position as the choice of the new generation.”

If this writer remembers correctly, Pepsi already used the “choice of a new generation” schtick back in 1984. However, we’re willing to let they slide since Novak firmly believes that March 27 — the first day Taco Bell started selling breakfast — is a day historians will fondly remember. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. Bold? Definitely.

To keep people coming back for more, USA Today reports that Taco Bell is introducing a new item onto its breakfast menu. The company plans to roll-out the Grilled Breakfast Burritos in the not-too-distant future. In order to spread the good word about the latest foodstuff, the restaurant is bringing back a few real-life Ronald McDonalds.

The publication explains:

“In the 30-second commercial, staged like a reunion of the Ronald McDonald guys, a half-dozen of them sit down together to test the new Grilled Breakfast Burritos. As they devour the burritos, the men are asked — in a clear knock at McDonald’s — if they’d consider buying burritos from a burger place. Answers one of the Ronald McDonald’s: ‘You don’t got to a sushi bar and order spaghetti.’”

Do you think Taco Bell has officially won the breakfast war? Is it still too soon for the fast food restaurant to declare victory?

[Lead image via Taco Bell]