Boy, 4, Killed By Dogs: Boy Mauled By Pit Bulls He’d Been Around ‘Numerous Times In The Past’

A boy, 4, was killed by three dogs at his mother’s house in Kent County, Delaware, Wednesday afternoon. The child’s pregnant mother is also a victim in the attack, suffering injuries. Police identify the boy as Kasi Haith and his mother, Kyiesha Haith, 24, according to Master Cpl. Gary E. Fournier.

DelawareOnline reports that the three pit bulls responsible for mauling the boy have been put down and their bodies sent in for rabies tests.

Kasi was attacked by the three dogs around 4 pm. He was with his mother at a friend’s house when the attack took place. While the two women were inside the house, the boy was outside in an unfenced yard. Fournier said that the dogs had already known Kasi because he’d been around the pit bulls “numerous times in the past” without any problems. His mother “looked out the window and observed her son being attacked by the dogs,” he said. Kyiesha Haith ran outside to her son while her friend dialed 911. Haith was bitten several times on both arms.

Two repairmen who were working on a ventilation and heating system at the house tried “fending off the animals with PVC piping and assisting the mother from the attacking dogs,” Fournier says.

Paramedics and State Police began first aid when they arrived, but the 4-year-old boy was pronounced dead at the scene. His body is at the Office of the State Medical Examiner for autopsy.

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Kasi’s mother was sent to Kent General Hospital in Dover by ambulance for treatment.

First State Animal Center and SPCA removed the three dogs that killed the boy so they could euthanize them.

In another similar instance, a 4-year-old boy in Riverview, Florida was killed by two pit bull dogs Saturday night in the front yard at his aunt and uncle’s. The Tampa Tribune reports that the child, Logan Shepard, was pronounced dead at the scene. Two female pit bulls were reportedly crated at his relatives’ home, but got loose. The animals were also humanely euthanized.

An investigation into this is being done to see if there were any additional “medical issues or stressors” that might have contributed to the attack. A cousin of Logan’s would only say that is death for the family is a “tragic loss.”

In a related story by The Inquisitr, a dog attacked and killed a 4-year-old girl just before her birthday.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that 4.5 million people a year are attacked by dogs, with 20 percent of that being children.

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