Lakers Rumors: Shawn Marion Available To Help Mold Young Players

There are some Los Angeles Lakers rumors suggesting the team is interested in signing Shawn Marion if he does not re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks. According to Dwain Price of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, the Lakers are one of several teams interested in obtaining Marion.

With all of the major free-agents off the market, Shawn Marion becomes one of the most highly sought after veterans. The 15 year NBA forward spent the last five years with the Dallas Mavericks and was an integral part of their 2011 NBA championship. However, with the arrival of Chandler Parsons in Dallas, it looks as if Shawn Marion will be playing somewhere else next season.

Although the Spurs or Rockets would make more sense for Shawn Marion, the Los Angeles Lakers rumors represent an intriguing option. Marion would join Kobe Bryant, Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin, potentially making the Lakers playoff contenders. It is not likely that the Lakers would be able to compete for an NBA title, but with the young talent the team has assembled, they could find their way into the eight spot in the Western Conference.

It is no secret that the Lakers are not happy with their roster as it is currently assembled and are looking to make a huge splash through trade or free agency in the next two seasons. By signing Marion, the Lakers put themselves in a low risk position to still be in play for upcoming free agents. Marion would also provide veteran leadership for the young forwards the Lakers have been collecting over the last two seasons. Julius Randle would especially benefit from learning behind Shawn Marion and Carlos Boozer this year.

The question will be whether the Lakers have enough pull to woo someone at Marion’s stage of his career. The Spurs and Rockets can both offer more money and a better opportunity to win now. It is still possible that the Mavericks could offer Marion the lower cap room exception, but the roster moves this offseason don’t support that being the case.

Obviously, the biggest downside for Lakers fans concerning the Shawn Marion rumors is age. With Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Shawn Marion, and Carlos Boozer, the Lakers would be marching out one of the oldest lineups in the NBA.

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